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3 Best Sex Toys for Every Woman to Use

Satisfying your lover might be tricky especially when you’re in a long term relationship. The burning passion and the spark both partners had at the beginning may fade over time. Luckily, your sexual life doesn’t have to be a boring, monotonous routine at all. If you are a BDSM enthusiast, you will be able to enjoy different sexual scenes and find pleasure with your lover without even having traditional sexual intercourse.

Women have a wide range sex toys they can use to please themselves. They may also choose to have their lovers stimulate them with these during a sexual encounter. To obtain the incredible sexual satisfaction you desire, you need to know what to choose and how to use them. Here are some recommendations in choosing the perfect sexual accessories for her.

1. Nipple clamps

A woman’s breasts and nipples are remarkably sensitive, some of the most intense erogenous zones of their body. Remember them while you pay attention to your lover’s sexual needs. Nipple clamps could give her intense pleasure and you can use them with or without sexual intercourse. They are great tools for most BDSM scenes, so you can always use them to spice things up in the bedroom. Use them to impress your lover to a whole new sexual level.

2. Butt plugs, vibrators and dildos

Anal play is getting more popular and many couples dive into this sexual practice to add some diversity to their sexual life. You can use a butt plug or even a dildo to stimulate your lover anally while you take care of her clitoris. Likewise, you can use a vibrator to give her a complete session of sexual stimulation. If she is a beginner when it comes to anal sex, try using a small butt plug maybe with a crystal tip to arouse you as well when you see her wearing it.

3. Electro-stimulation devices

Electro-stimulating devices are also gaining popularity as more couples indulge in them. They have discovered how amazing these accessories are. You can use electro-stimulating sets to stimulate both your lover’s nipples and clitoris at the same time for intense pleasure and maximum sexual satisfaction while you sit back and enjoy your girl’s moans and reactions. Electro-stimulating devices can be successfully used during sexual intercourse and it increases the intensity of the entire experience, so much more than you could anticipate! Make sure you also use an appropriate lubricant when you try these devices for the first time until your lover gets used to the kind of pleasure they provide. Chances are things will never be the same after you give these toys a try!

You will be able to determine exactly what your lover prefers and what kind of sexual stimulation turns you on by trying out several toys and accessories. See what brings both of you the most sexual pleasure and satisfaction. This is one of the most exciting parts, trying them all and discovering new sexual limits and experiences to make your intimate life dynamic and active. Every time you get into your bedroom, dive into all kinds of sexual encounters! Keep an open mind and enjoy the ride, guys!

More importantly, make sure you also get sexual satisfaction while stimulating her hot body. For a successful sexual encounter, it is important for both of you enjoy the activities taking place. So, if you have a fantasy about the way you want to see your lover climax, do your best to make it happen during the sex session. As long as she can have an intense orgasm (or more) at the end, then she will enjoy everything you do to her.

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