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Why Public Sex is so Hot

Public sex is a fetish on its own and sometimes, it doesn’t even matter what kind of sex is performed as long as it is done publicly or with an audience. In some cases, it is not even about the sexual encounter as much as it is about the exposed nudity aspect of the scene. Public sex may imply sexual encounters in public places such as bars, clubs or even the street in the sight of strangers but it also implies an organized session of sexual encounters that has guests invited to watch the performance. Such details are of course concerning the couple’s preferences and they are all valid as long as the outcome is the expected one. But why is this so hot for some people and what are the reasons they dive into such an experience? We are about to discover some of the hottest aspects of having an exciting and intense session of public sex!

1. The excitement of being watched

Being watched when you are not supposed to be watched gives you a thrill that can be hard to explain and still, it might be so obvious to some people. When you engage in sexual intercourse with your partner, using kinky sex toys and accessories and you see and hear the audience being just as excited as you are, or even more, while they are watching your actions, a strong feeling of power is present. And the power is not over your partner, but also over the senses of your audience as well! Some people enjoy to create certain role plays, with costumes and specific tools such as chastity devices and nipple stimulators or orgasm belts, to increase the sexual scene to the level of a dramatic performance and that can make the entire adventure even hotter! Crossdressing is a popular performance that often takes place during public sexual encounters as well.

2. The appreciating of the audience

The appreciation of the audience watching you perform a sexual scene might be an enough reason to engage in such an experience. Besides the feeling of power that it gives to the performers, it also increases the sexual energy for the entire adventure. And in some cases, people from the public give precious ideas and participate interactively to the sex scene in the effort to get a piece of that sexual pleasure and satisfaction that is exposed. This is extremely hot for both the audience and the performers and can lead to many exciting and intense orgasms. For some people, such a participation from the audience gives the illusion of group sex or an orgy and in many cases, a public sexual encounter tends to end up in one of those scenarios. There is no limit when it comes to how hot things can get!

3. Public nudity is such a turn on

Beyond the sexual act itself, the nudity aspect can be just as hot! Some people simply love to be watched while they are naked and exposed. For instance, during a striptease session. This gives them the feeling of vulnerability and humility that turns them on tremendously, especially if they have a submissive side that needs to be explored. Usually women love to perform such naked public scenes and lesbian shows are also very popular. Sexual stimulation between two women is particularly hot! So, if you want to engage in a public sexual encounter, you don’t even need to perform intercourse to achieve the pleasure and satisfaction that you want. Exposing your sexy body might be enough to get a thrill out of such an adventure.

When it comes to public sex, you can do a variety of things to give yourself an intense orgasm while the audience watching you will experience several climaxes as well. In most cases, it is the goal that justifies the means so don’t let inhibitions and fears stay in the way of such an amazing experience!

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