3 Hot Sex Tips for Men

When it comes to sexual encounters, women tend to expect a lot from their male partners. But sometimes they might be hoping for too much. Remember sex is a team activity wherein both lovers involved play active roles to satisfy each other. Yet it is also a game of seduction. Thus, men need to be aware of how complex women are so they can impress their lovers well. This applies even in long-term relationships when a couple’s sex life can become a routine and at times lack passion. Before things get to this point, here are a few tips guys should do to keep things spicy in the bedroom!

1. Be aware of her sexual desires

Getting trapped in your own sexual fetishes and fantasies during your intimate moments is natural, but does your lover share the same carnal desires? Take note of their reactions. Their body language can give you hints about how much they like the sex. Women would moan in a passionate way when something you are doing stimulates them sexually in just the way they like it. They will also guide your hands toward the most erogenous zones of their hot bodies so you can explore them in a more intense way. You should also be aware of how women tend to be different in some aspects. So, what turns one woman on might not necessarily turn on another. Knowing your lover and their sexual preferences will come handy when you want to increase the level of sexual energy between the two of you. Try to sense your lover’s reactions during intercourse then use what you sense to try to increase the pleasure of the moment! Afterward, make it a point to chat to find out what went great and what you should repeat in the future.

2. Try out new sex toys and accessories

Sex toys and accessories can come in very handy during your sex scenes and even intimate moments. Using your hands is not the only way to stimulate your lover. A pair of nipple clamps also works. Depending on your sexual preferences or sex scene you can also try different butt plugs and even electro stimulating devices. Such sex toys increase sexual energy and pleasure while helping both of you reach an intense orgasm together! Use your imagination and keep an open mind to help you decide what type of sexual arsenal would make things even more interesting in the bedroom. Your lover would be happy to enjoy trying out new sex toys and accessories during your intimate moments. At the same time, it would be entertaining. New sex toys add curiosity to the whole sex scene and help keep things interesting for both of you. So, do not underestimate the power of a great sexual arsenal!

3. Introduce her new fetishes little by little

New fetishes and fantasies can be a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. But two people are not always on the same page when it comes to trying new things between the sheets. If you are looking forward to introduce a new type of sexual encounter into your sex life, it is important to take it slow. For instance, if you are into bondage games, start with a pair of armbinders instead of diving into suspension bondage right from the start. If you are pushing complex sex scenes on your first attempt, you might achieve the opposite result. Moreover, if you are into BDSM practices, make sure to have a safe word in place just in case things do not go the way you thought they would.

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