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Find a Woman’s Hot Spots and Explore Them Completely

If you want to drive your girl crazy during your sexual encounters, then knowing her hot spots will help you a lot. Part of a good sexual encounter is to know how to successfully stimulate your woman and lead her to an intense orgasm for her benefit and yours. Because when your girl is excited and satisfied, she will make it a point to return the favor. So, both of you will have some intense sexual experiences together. The first step is to know her body well enough to be able to stimulate it just the way you want. Here are some hot spots all women have. Enjoy and stimulate them repeatedly. A helpful hint: intercourse and especially vaginal intercourse are not the only ways to lead a woman to orgasm all the time. So don’t rely on the traditional sexual practices to obtain the climax of your dreams!

1. Her breasts

A woman’s breasts can be stimulated and explored in a variety of ways. You can use your imagination or intense breast bondage and incorporate such a sexual scene into many sexual encounters. Choose to add a pair of nipple clamps if you will have your hands busy with other parts of her body, which can easily happen during intercourse. Make sure to take it slow and increase the intensity of such stimulation up to the level she is comfortable. Remember some women’s breasts and especially their nipples can be highly sensitive. If you want to control her or if you are a BDSM enthusiast, adding a paddle or a whip will spice up this type or sexual stimulation even more. Rest assured, she will completely her lose her mind during your sexual encounter.

2. Her Clitoris

You might already know a woman’s clitoris is the main point of her sexual pleasure and you can’t go wrong by stimulating it. Then again, you can. While you have to pay attention to her clitoris and make sure she is aroused, you also have to pay attention to other erogenous parts of her body if you want to give her complete stimulation. Never focus on the clitoris alone. You can give her a nice session of oral sex during foreplay if your hands are busy with her nipples. You might even get her to climax while you doing so. Otherwise, you can have her wear an orgasm belt. But if you would rather have anal intercourse with her or stimulate other parts of her body more then go for a vibrator. Whatever you choose to do, be sure it is equally exciting for both of you and make certain she enjoys every minute of it if you want to see her climax.

3. The famous G Spot

The G Spot is the ultimate level of sexual pleasure for any woman but it takes some experience to be able to reach it. It might be a surprise even for her because most ladies don’t know exactly where their G Spot is located or how to stimulate it to increase their sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Generally, a woman’s G Spot is about two inches inside the vagina but this distance might vary for every woman. The more you have sex with your partner the more chance you have to find her G Spot. Moreover, you will discover new and intense ways to stimulate it. Pay attention to her body and her reactions while exploring her intimate areas. Take note of what brings her the strongest and exciting pleasure. These signs will lead you in the right direction and help you satisfy her just the way you planned. Some men are naturally talented when it comes to finding their partner’s G Spot but others might need some practice. There is nothing wrong with it since sexual practice is the best way to engage with one another at the same time discover new fetishes and fantasies together.

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