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3 Obvious Signs You’re Great in Bed

You might suspect you are a great catch between the sheets. But how can you tell if this is the case and if so, how good are you actually? If you are empathetic then you might be able to tell by the way your partner, or partners, react during your sexual encounters together. Moreover, by how often they want to experience those feelings again with you. Indeed, no one ever gets bored of something they love to do. But, even if you are not such an empathetic individual, you can still check out some obvious signs to help evaluate your sexual performance without directly asking your partner about it. Many people will give you a subjective opinion so as not to hurt your ego. In this case, the best way to find out how good you actually are in bed is by doing your own little investigation. After all, a little evaluation is not going to hurt anyone and we all need to know where we stand from time to time if we want to improve ourselves to satisfy our partner(s) even more.

1. Your partner tries not to reach an orgasm

Say what? Yes. If your partner fights the urge to reach an orgasm during your intense sexual encounters it might mean they like the sex a lot and want to stay horny for as long as possible. Moreover, they like having sex with you so much they try to prolong the experience by not indulging into an orgasm as soon as they feel like it. The next time you have an intense sexual scene with your partner, watch their reactions closely and see if they fight to stay in it more than their body would!

2. Your partner wants to experience new things with you

Did your partner invite you to be a part of their BDSM scene fantasy to make it a reality? Maybe they told you just how much they would like to try a new strap-on with you? If so, then it means they are ready to explore more than what your bodies have to offer. It is a great sign for you if you are wondering if your sexual performance is as good as you want it to be. The more intense your sexual experiences get, the more appreciated you are.

3. You are trusted to take care of things

If your partner trusts you to handle them between the sheets and take care of their body however way you want, then it means they know and recognize your experience and is giving you the lead role. You should be proud of this position. This is significant in a BDSM relationship wherein your partner trusts you to take the dominant role and perform all kinds of sexual practices to them. BDSM can include rougher sexual play like edge play. One needs to be very good at what they are doing to control such intense experiences. So, it would mean you are probably better in bed than you give yourself credit for. The more complex your sexual relationship becomes, the better your performance is and the more appreciative your partner is of you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t dive into such an intense adventure with you and they wouldn’t rely on you so much.

Keep a close watch on your partner and track the effects of your sexual encounters. All the answers to your questions are in their behavior and the way they relate to you in bed. If you still have doubts about your performance then you should get to work on your confidence. Remember, no matter how good you are in bed, a lack of confidence will ruin it all even without you doing anything wrong! Confidence is so sexy you want to make it part of your lifestyle. Always trust yourself and follow your gut instinct before you question your actions and abilities!

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