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3 Things Your Woman Wants In Bed

Women can be more sexually complex than men can imagine once they are stimulated just the way they want during encounters. Foreplay is an important phase to turn on their sexuality. In fact, no one should underestimate the power of a good foreplay before an intense sex scene. A man should take into consideration many aspects when they want to please their lover in bed. Some might seem like a surprise but they are all worth the effort! If you are not sure what your lover craves for in between the sheets, here are some things all women want in bed. Chances are your girlfriend wants them too!

1. Explore her erogenous zones

Women have multiple erogenous zones and they love to have them stimulated the right way. If you only focus on her vagina, you might be missing out on a lot of interesting sexual action to bring plenty of pleasure for both of you. The first thing you need to do is identify her erogenous zones and see how you can stimulate them during your sexual encounters. You can add the right sex toys and accessories to the scene to make it an intense sexual experience. If you can’t multitask and play with her boobs during intercourse, add a pair of nipple clamps to the scene and enjoy its benefits. Your girl will love it. If you know they are into anal games add a butt plug. Your girl will have an amazing orgasm. You will also have a lot of sexual pleasure and satisfaction while playing with their intimate parts.

2. Oral sex

Men are not the only ones who like a good session of oral sex. This can be a huge turn on for women as well. It can make for successful foreplay but also become the sex act in itself. You can give her a hot session of oral sex or even enjoy some 69 time before you get to sexual penetration. Ask your lover what they prefer as well so you can provide them with intense stimulation. Remember guessing is not always the best way to get to it. Good communication will help you satisfy each other more. Both of you also get to know each other at a higher sexual level. If you want you can play with her nipples during oral sex. Simply reach for them with your bare hands or use nipple clamps. Be creative and add as much sexual stimulation as you can during oral sex to discover more new ways to stimulate your lover.

3. New sex toys and accessories

Sex toys and accessories can add intensity during your sexual experiences. If you choose them right, you might even transform a random sexual experience into an unforgettable one. Try to add the element of surprise when you are intimate to spice things up for both of you. Electro stimulating devices will be appreciated during such sex scenes. You can also add different bondage accessories to change the flavor of your sexual encounter into a naughtier one! New toys can even become new fetishes and fantasies you can explore together. This can only have a positive impact on your sex life and your entire relationship. Women love to experiment during sex and they will appreciate your ideas as soon as you show them the sexual potential hidden behind them.

A lot of these sexual ideas are worth trying depending on your personal preferences and the type of relationship you and your partner have. As long as you focus on your girl’s body and their reaction, you will be able to develop new ways to stimulate them during your most intimate moments.

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