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One Night Stands Dos and Don’ts

One night stands are exciting and can have a great positive impact on your sexual life. They enrich your experience and help you understand new aspects of sexuality that you might have never thought about. But the excitement of having a one night stand is to share all the sexual energy with someone you never met before. It creates a mix of mystery and sexual desire that can be an incredible adventure for both of you. However, there are certain aspects that you need to consider before diving into a one night stand experience and while some things are ok to do, others are definitely not. Let’s see some of the basic hints for an amazing one night stand!

Do: Use protection

Every time you have sex with a new partner, protection is a good idea. And it remains a good idea until the relationship begins to much more stable and exclusivity kicks in. Using protection doesn’t take away from your sexual excitement but it can save your life and also it can prevent an unwanted pregnancy. So, choose one of the protection methods that are on the market, and the most popular one is the condom, and go on with your sexual plans as kinky as they can be!

Don’t: Feel guilty

Many people avoid one night stands because they think there is a feeling of guilt involved that they have to face when the fun is over, or even during the experience. But there is no reason for that guilt really! You can have a great time and discover new sexual fetishes that you probably wouldn’t be able to experience with your partner, if you happen to be in a relationship. For instance, if you are new to BDSM, a one night stand can introduce you to some bondage practices and some spanking and whipping that you didn’t know you like before. Sometimes shame and shyness keeps us away from trying such new sexual experiences with our loved ones. So, take it as it is: an experience and use it to enrich your sexual life!

Do: Try something new

Yes, that is the whole purpose of having a one night stand! To try something new with someone new! Don’t be reluctant if your partner is into kinkiest games than you expected and join them for an incredible adventure! If they want to use new toys like nipple clamps or orgasm belts, you are lucky because you have the chance to experience these intense sensations with them. And since it is just a one night stand you don’t have to be afraid of unnecessary aspects, you can simply enjoy the excitement of the moment and keep it in your memory for future reference when you will want to try it again with someone else.

Don’t: Expect more than one intimate experience

Some people dive into a one night stand experience hoping for a long term relationship. And while this can happen, sometimes, it is not usually the case. Most one night stands remain a one time moment of high and intense intimacy with that person. And you have to be prepared for that and satisfied with it because it is not something that you can control. However, if you have a one night stand hoping for so much more than just what it is, you will end up disappointed and not enjoying the sexual encounter to its fullest. Live the moment and forget about the future, for once!

As a bonus tip: don’t be shy when you have a one night stand with a person that you never met before. Keep in mind that both of you want the same thing and that is sexual pleasure and satisfaction and do your best to reach that level of intensity that you are aiming for. No need to add unnecessary pressure to such an exciting adventure than you have to. Relax and enjoy the kisses and touches and new sex toys and accessories that come with it!

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