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3 Tips to a Hot Sex Life for Long Term Couples

Long-term relationships are wonderful. However, they do have a lot of challenges. The more aware you are of these challenges, the more chances that you can overcome them and continue the happy and healthy connection that you have with your partner.

Sex life doesn’t tend to stay just as passionate and exciting as it is at the beginning of a relationship. You might need to do some efforts to maintain it and nurture it as time goes by. While most couples struggle with these aspects, not all of them know how to manage them properly to benefit their relationship.

So, let’s take a look at some useful tips and tricks that will keep your sexual life intense and entertaining in the long run without having to cheat on your partner. Sex is a team work and it should be enjoyed equally by both partners!

1. Have date nights

Having date nights is both functional and exciting. You can count on having constant sexual intercourse and stimulation which is great for your sex routine and the health of your relationship. You also have time to set up those date nights in the manner that you expect them to unfold.

If you are into some sort of fetish or fantasy, you can set up the atmosphere according to that. If you are into role play, wait for your partner wearing a nice costume that suits your theme. Don’t forget to have your sexual arsenal handy so you can enjoy all your toys and accessories as soon as you want during your sexual encounter. Your lover will be more than happy to join you in that sexual adventure and discover new forms of finding sexual pleasure and satisfaction!

2. Use new sex toys and accessories

Sex toys and accessories are always welcome especially when you want to spice things up in the bedroom. The market offers you a variety of options to choose from and you can get even more creative if you combine different sexual stimulations during the same sexual encounter. You can try bondage sex or use a butt plug and a pair of nipple clamps and take it from there. Plus, when you use new sex toys and accessories you have more chances of discovering new fetishes that you might enjoy and even dive into new sexual fantasies that you can try out with your lover. This will get you more in touch with your sexuality and it will open more sexual horizons for you. Not to mention the positive impact that it can have on your relationship! Couples who add some diversity to their sexual life tend to have a happier and healthier relationship in the long run based on a stronger connection and a higher level of trust.

3. Have a threesome every now and then

Threesomes are great ways to add some excitement to your sex life. You can have a threesome with another girl or another man and you can explore even more sexual fetishes and fantasies while you are enjoying each other. Statistics shows that couples who are confident enough in their relationship can get some serious benefits from their threesome sessions because they are open to new experiences and new sexual practices along with a hot guest they have in their bedroom.

It is important to talk with your partner beforehand and see what boundaries both of you have. You need to feel comfortable during such experience and reach the level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction that you want. Make sure to be open to try new things as your new guest will most likely want to share their fetishes and sex toys and accessories with you. You can use the new sexual practices that you discovered during your threesome experience to make your intimate relationship better and even more exciting.

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