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3 Ways to Renew Your Sex Life after Motherhood

The short answer to this question would be no; however, there is more to it than that. This is often true for women, who once they become mothers tend to change their sexual behaviour in more than one aspect. Some of those changes are beneficial while others are detrimental to their relationship. Men, however, tend to be more constant. Additionally, the only change that happens is that they get even more attracted to their partner than they were before having a baby. However, since the woman is the one who goes through all the biological changes, it is somewhat normal to experience a change in her sexual fantasies as well. Let’s see some of the good changes and some of the bad ones, so you will know what you should avoid when you get back to your active sex life!

1. Don’t lose your naughty side!

Many new mothers tend to forget that they used to have a naughty side and they used to enjoy certain fetishes and fantasies before they entered parenthood. If this is your case, you should know that it will affect not only you and your own sexuality but also the sex life that you share with your partner. Your sexual preferences shouldn’t change after having a child; actually, they should improve. If you used to be into bondage sex, there is no reason to change that, but there are many reasons to develop such a sexual behavior into a multitude of BDSM scenes. Many women tend to be concerned about intertwining their sexual image with their mother image without realizing that they are two different things and their partner is well aware of that. So, release your fantasies and experience them with your spouse every time you have the occasion because you both need to get back to the passionate sex life that you used to enjoy!

2. Update your sex toys arsenal

The market offers a variety of sex toys and accessories that you can enjoy, and it has nothing to do with being a mother or not. Except nipple clamps or breast bondage. If you are into such practices, you might want to wait until the breastfeeding phase is over for obvious reasons and, also, for health reasons. Your body needs a certain period of time to recover after giving birth and usually that takes several weeks. However, after this phase is over with, you can enjoy all your fetishes without restrictions other than your own limits. Make sure to try new sex toys as well, such as a new dildo or electro-stimulating devices, and ask your partner what they would want to try out during your sexual encounters. Chances are that you will develop new fantasies after giving birth and you need to update your sexual arsenal to be able to satisfy those fantasies instead of denying them!

3. Masturbate regularly!

Masturbation is important for women that are pregnant or aren’t pregnant as well as for women who just became mothers. Even if your time might be more limited when you become a mother, you should always find time for yourself and your personal pleasures. Having an intense session of masturbation by using your favorite orgasm belt will help you get back to your sexual behavior that you had before becoming a mother. It will help you reduce stress as well, which is a great advantage for new parents. In addition, it will also help you get more passionate with your partner. Because when you are in touch with your own sexuality, you find it easier to share it and express it with your lover!

Being a mother is a wonderful thing as long as you don’t forget your feminine and sexual side. Many parents tend to only focus on this new status in their life and not be in touch with their intimacy as a couple, which will only have negative effects on the relationship over time. Therefore, open yourself to new experiences while you enjoy this wonderful phase of your life!

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