5 Ways For Women to Set the Mood

I could start by saying that if you want to set the mood for a man, simply say hello. Made you laugh, didn’t I? No, it’s really not that simple to entice a man. Unless you are at the bar and he’s a few drinks in. But, overall men are easy.

Guys just don’t have the preset notions that us ladies do. They don’t have plans and ideas about what things should be like. I don’t know a single guy that dreams of kisses in the rain and rose petal pathways to the bedroom. It just does not happen.

Still, it’s nice to know how to set the mood properly if you are trying to seduce a guy for the evening. Especially if you have been together a while and you want to surprise him with a romantic evening. So let’s take a look at some things that you can do to help spread the vibe that you are trying to create.

  1. Dinner

It’s no secret that men love to eat. That’s where the saying comes from that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A good meal is a great way to begin your special evening. Unlike you, he’s probably not nearly as interested in the candles and soft music as he is in what is sitting there on his plate. But don’t get scared. There are plenty of us that don’t do cooking in a serious way. You aren’t going to lose your guy if you don’t cook like grandma did. But definitely include a good dinner in the plans. Just take him out if you have to. Or if you are super lucky and he’s really laid back; grab a pizza and have a night in.

  1. Dress Sexy

Men are visual. Period. They are easily aroused by nothing more than a chick they find attractive going out of her way to be sexy. Slip on something that you know is up his alley and make yourself look nice. But teeter carefully. If you appear to be dressing to impress someone other than him, he will get jealous. Also keep him in mind with your choices. If he’s not big into, and not accustomed to, you with a lot of makeup or frilly clothes; it might not be the route to go. He will spend too much worried about why you changed your style to enjoy that you did it for him.

  1. Choose your activities wisely

Nothing about heading out for a night at the bar is sexy. Except if you plan to grind on him during a slow dance. Then it may be. But it might also be embarrassing. So I’d skip that. Choose something that brings you closer together but isn’t so cliche as heading out to see a movie. Pick something up and watch at home. Schedule a night to enjoy a game together. Something that you both enjoy but can be an activity for two.

  1. Listen, laugh, learn

Want to seduce a man? Put your attention into him. Make sure he understands that he is your primary focus. Listen to his stories, but not blindly. Pay attention. Have a conversation. Laugh when he says something funny and tell him when it wasn’t. In a casual teasing way. Make sure you use physical contact. A hand on his arm, a pat against his shoulder. Don’t go overboard though. Nothing is more obnoxious than those women who are overtly flirty and ridiculous.

  1. Be yourself

Obviously he’s with you for a reason. He’s interested. He likes who you are. If you plan to seduce him, do so as yourself. Don’t fake something or he may have the opposite effect. Believe it or not men really are easy to please. So seeing you want him may be all you need to worry about.

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