5 Things Women Do to Kill the Mood

Nothing is more agonizing and frustrating than being sexually stimulated and losing out on the chance to satisfy it. Don’t deny it ladies. You know what I mean. Our bodies aren’t designed to just forget about it and move on. Sure, we will survive. But we will be psychotic grouchy bitches as we do.

So naturally when you have a good thing going and the mood is all ready, you don’t want to screw that up. Mainly because it would suck for you. Lost intimacy, lost pleasure and lost satisfaction. Who needs that?

While it’s pretty damn hard to kill the mood with a guy, it can happen. Especially if you venture into any of these five deadly mood killer scenarios.

  1. You get too drunk

Everyone lives with a common misconception. Guys prefer drunk girls. It’s just not true. Guys like when a girl gets a little tipsy because she relaxes, has more fun and is quicker to do the things she might have some inhibitions about. But when that line is crossed into full-blown drunk, guys are turned off quickly.

A man likes to know that his woman is choosing him because she wants him. Not because she’s so drunk it doesn’t matter who the penis is attached to. They don’t want to sit and watch her stumble across the room. They don’t want to hear her drunk babbling. And they don’t want a sloppy drunk all over them. So keep yourself in check and you’ll avoid it.

  1. The jealous game

Want to turn a guy off really quickly? Start hitting on or being flirty with another guy. Especially one of his friends. It’s an instant way for him to say forget her and move on. If he’s with you, there’s no need to grab his attention this way. Just walk up and smile at him. He will notice.


The same is true in reverse. If a girl talks to him, don’t fly off the handle. Maybe he’s just being polite. Trust and closeness go a long way. Besides, nothing is more embarrassing than creating a scene only to find out she was a relative he hadn’t seen in a bit.

  1. Insecurity

Guys know that you are insecure and generally they know what about. But if you are in the middle of the mood and you start expecting him to reassure you; he will lose the momentum. He doesn’t want to sit and remind you that your ass is not to big and your body is beautiful when he’s just trying to love on you. It makes him wonder about what you think of him. Guys don’t like second guessing themselves with their woman.

  1. Talking serious

Just as things are heating up is not the time to bring up the future. You should save any talks about commitment, future plans, marriage and most especially kids for another day. When he’s looking at you and wanting you for the night he is not going to be okay with a long heart to heart about where this is going. You can either postpone the chat or the sex. You can’t have both.

  1. Mom

Bringing up your mom, or even worse his, during a romantic night is going to send it into distress quickly. Nobody wants to bring their mom on a date. So keep those chats to yourself until a better time. He doesn’t need to have to think of them or defend them or discuss them in the heat of the moment. The same is true with almost all of your family members. Leave them at home until you are just hanging out and chatting about life.

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