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6 More Sex Positions to Get Pregnant Faster

We have already established that you definitely need to also modify your sexual positions in order to get pregnant. Most likely, you also should make some lifestyle changes in order to improve chances of conception. For instance, if you are stressed, your fertility rate will reduce and the quality of the sperm (for men) will not be very good. Really, stress is one of the most negative things in our lives. You need to track your menstrual cycles and ovulation periods, so you will know when you are ovulating. This is the perfect time for you to try to get pregnant. Usually, women ovulate close to 14 days before your menstruation is due to arrive, the most fertile days are two days before you ovulate and the day of ovulation, obviously. To be sure, you could always do an ovulation test of course, wink*

As far as weight is concerned you also need to be in a healthy and fit status. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) can also determine your ability to carry a baby.

For men, they definitely need to watch out their sperm count and sperm quality. Too much exposure to intense heat can greatly affect those two factors. . For example, don’t take hot baths or showers, don’t use restricting briefs (switch to boxers and let those sperms breathe!) and remove laptops or electric devices that produce heat from your thighs. And by the way, both of you should stop smoking because it can lower the quality of the sperm and produce infertility.

Well, now that we have cleared the checklist, let’s take a look at some additional recommended positions to get pregnant.

  • Butterfly

If you are also in the mood for something adventurous, this is perfect for you. The woman will need to lie on her back on a table or bed. Your partner will get in between her legs and will lift her hips or use a pillow. This position is great because it lifts the pelvis allowing the sperm to swim better to the fallopian tube where fertilization occurs.

  • Splitting bamboo

This is one of the most famous Kamasutra positions and it is a great one to stimulate the g-spot and to get really deep. The woman will be lying down on her back with the man between her legs. She will then place one of her legs on her partner’s shoulders. The man will then straddle her over her thigh and will use the leg for leverage.

  • Union of the wolf

For this one, you two will need to stand. The woman will stand with her back towards her partner. The man will penetrate her from behind, holding her waist for support while she leans forward. Even though it has a funny name, it is an appropriate position for the sperm to get faster to the cervix.

  • Padlock

This position is really fun for when you want to change things up a bit if the process gets too repetitive…If something like having too much sex is too repetitive of course wink* The woman will sit right at the edge of some furniture that is high enough for her, she will have to support herself with her arms that will be place behind her. The man will be standing and will penetrate her from the front while she wraps her legs around his waist.

  • Peg

If the man is a bit heavy, this position can be the solution. The man will lie down on his back while the woman gets on top with her legs stretched at his sides.

  • Sphinx

With this one, the woman will lie down facing the bed carrying her weight in her forearms. She will make sure one of her legs is bent towards the side. The other leg will be straight down behind her. Then, the man will straddle her carrying his weight on his arms. This is also a position that allows a very deep penetration.

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