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6 Sex Positions to Get Pregnant Easily

Naturally, you need to have sex in order to get pregnant. But if you are trying for a baby, there are certain positions that can tip the scale in your favor. Of course, each couple and person is different, but there are some positions that you can try to increase your chances of conceiving. Generally, the best positions to get pregnant are those where the sperms get closer to the cervix. Sperms can last as long as five days in the female body, so ejaculating close to the cervix increases the chances of fertilization. This means, you should avoid positions that involve standing, sitting down or the woman on top. Let’s revisit some common positions to help you get pregnant.

  • Missionary

The classic missionary is also a good position to get pregnant because the man is able to go really deep. This allows the sperm to get really close to the cervix. One good idea is to raise the woman’s hips by placing a pillow or cushion beneath her hips. This allows for the cervix to be exposed to as much semen as possible.

  • Glowing triangle

For a twist, you can try the glowing triangle position. In this one, the woman will be on her back with the man on top, but the man should be on all fours with his legs extended. A positive thing about this one is that, the penetration can go deeper, make sure to use the pillow beneath the butt trick as well!

  • Anvil

The third missionary adjacent position that works wonders for conception is the anvil. Here, the woman will need to place her legs near her head before penetration. This way he can penetrate very deeply and stimulate the g-spot as well, both good things that can increase the chances of conception.

  • Dog style

Another good one is also a classic one, doggy style. Likewise, in this position the semen can get really close to the cervix, it improves the chances of getting pregnant. Just make sure to penetrate vaginally and not anally, obviously. Wink*

  • Magic mountain

One variation of the doggy style is the magic mountain. The initial position stays the same, but the woman should be bent in a way that her back is pressed against his chest. In this position, the sperm can move faster to the cervix and as a bonus, it can also hit the g-spot.

  • Spooning

The spooning or side by side position (you two should be lying down on their sides, the man behind the woman) is great because the cervix is open in a position that allows it to receive as much semen as possible. The pelvis is bent in a 90-degree angle.

By the way, do you know orgasms are also very important when it comes to conceiving? You may think this is secondary and not necessary to get pregnant but having orgasms can actually increase the probability of fertilization. Science has found that female orgasms can push up the sperm all the way to the cervix because of the contractions the orgasm produces. And that also goes for men because being aroused also increases the quality of the sperm. So next time you try, make sure to also enjoy yourself!

Lastly, when you are done, make sure to stay lying down on your back. Being on your back after sex increases the chances of the sperm pushing all the way up the cervix. Remember having sex near ovulation is the best time to get pregnant. Lastly, don’t forget to relax. Stress can cause a lot of worst things in your body especially if you are trying to conceive. If this entire process stresses you out, try to calm down, do something to be able to free yourself from the tension and pressures as possible.

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