5 Easy Ways to Affair Proof Your Relationship

Some will be angered at the title. They will assume that the theory is that if your husband has an affair it is entirely your fault. That is not what I am saying. However, it is not always entirely his either.

The simple fact is that people have affairs for a multitude of reasons, but the most common one is that they are lacking something in their marriage. So in all honesty there are ways that both of you can work together to make sure it doesn’t happen.

The biggest misconception is that if you want your husband to stay faithful you simply keep him away from women. Not only is that damn near impossible without tying him up in the basement, it doesn’t say much for your trust. If you have to seclude him to keep him faithful then he isn’t faithful for the right reasons.

So what do you do? Well that’s actually simple. Let’s look at some of the ways you can assure that your man stays your man.

  1. Listening is the single most important thing you will ever do. Most think that affairs always stem from sexual desires, but that is usually not the case. The majority of affairs start because the partner feels neglected. He doesn’t have the support system he needs and he begins to talk to someone else. It isn’t begun intentionally. But as you know, common interests breed attraction. So the chances of him entertaining more than a conversation are high if he feels that his words are unheard at home.
  1. Appreciation for your spouse goes almost as far as hearing them when they talk. Nobody wants to feel that they give and give and no one notices. Think about all you do for your kids and how it hurts when they act like its just expected. No one says thank you. No one says I’m glad you are here. Well, your husband is much the same. He needs to know that you are grateful he is in your life. Men are providers and they need someone that is going to appreciate what they provide.
  1. Taking care of your man is a lost art. Women are often so busy taking care of everything else that they leave him to fend for himself. Something as simple as grabbing him a drink when he walks in or picking up something he needs at the store can go a long way. It doesn’t mean you have to serve him constantly, but showing that you want to be there and do things for him will go a long way in your marriage.
  1. You also need to not let go of yourself. Have some pride and self confidence. It’s expected over time that we will lose some of our figure and fall into sweats and no makeup during the day to day grind. But make some time to fix yourself up and show him that you still find him important enough to dress up for.
  1. The way you treat him is also going to make a big difference. Compliment him. Rub his back when he’s sitting by you. Tell him you love him. Flirt with him and tease him. Don’t turn down his sexual advances all the time. Yes life gets busy and stressful. But you have a man you love and you can’t stop trying to win his affection even if you secured it years ago.. You have to remember that there will always be someone there to pick up and do what you have been slacking on. Don’t let them. Be the only woman he wants because you give him what he needs.

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