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10 Surprising Ways To Turn Him On

Whoever coined the phrase that men are easy has never spent three days trying to get one to carry out garbage. Men are hard-headed and stubborn is what men are.

Granted, the phrase was speaking of sexually. But, I’m here to argue that one as well. Reality tells us that if you are a bar near closing time; men are easy. But if you want someone that wants more than a quickie in the cab home, then you are going to have to work a little harder.

When I speak of turning men on, it encompasses more than just a one night stand. A few drinks and almost anyone can be easy. Turning a man on can also refer to that point where they simply want to know and be around a woman more. They are enticed by things about her that attract them. Things that go beyond a low cut shirt and four inch heels.

So what are some interesting things that might appeal to a man and give you a higher shot of spending the night and still being there in the morning?

  1. Softness and Curves

There are men out there that are attracted to strictly women that have hard bodies and work out extensively. But the vast majority of the male population would agree that a woman who appeared soft and curvaceous would be more appealing.

  1. Drink It Like a Man

Men like women who are women. But for many of them, nothing is hotter than seeing a woman that looks like a woman and drinks like a man. Not necessarily in the amount she takes in, but in the fact that her drink doesn’t have to come with five fruit flavors and a straw. Whiskey wins out over bitch beer anyday among the fellas.

  1. Sports

Nothing is more obnoxious than a woman pretending to understand a sport just to please her boyfriend. But the fact remains that guys are attracted to girls that are genuinely interested in sports and can talk the talk.

  1. Assertiveness

Don’t confuse being assertive with being dominant. I’m as submissive as they come and I still know what I want and how to get it. That is what being assertive is all about and it’s a flashing neon sign for guys that this chick is someone you might want to know.

  1. Independence

Guys like to be needed. They like to care for their woman. But they don’t want it to be an obligation. A woman that can take care of herself is a huge turn-on. Especially when she chooses to let him take care of her as well.

  1. Can Use Tools

Men aren’t looking to date Bob the Builder, but if you ask any man they will tell you that it’s nice if a woman knows how to use the basic tools. Or at the very least in the case of some women, what they are called.

  1. Sense of Humor

Ladies, the fellas like to laugh just as much as we do. A woman with a sense of humor is impressive. If she can tell dirty jokes, she’s even more appealing to him.

  1. Cars

Obviously women who have cars are good catch. But if a woman knows the difference between a Mustang and a Charger, he just might fall in love.

  1. Music

Anyone who loves music will tell you, similar taste in bands and sounds is like finding your long lost soulmate. Especially if your taste is bad to begin with because it is so hard to find someone that shares it.

  1. Exercise

Men love to see a woman that likes to exercise. It’s not about the shape or size of her body as much as its about the fact she wants to be healthy. Besides, most men find the sweaty afterglow of a little workout to be arousing.

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