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Best Ways to Turn Your Lover On

We all need to turn our partners on every now and then as sexual desire is not always a mutual and simultaneously act. There are times when you might want some hot sexual intercourse but your boyfriend or girlfriend is not up for it for a variety of reasons. However, little do they know that it is not all on them and you can apply your little tricks to turn the tables in your favor. So, what to do when you want sex and your partner is too tired, or has a headache or they simply are not on the same page with you? Definitely that’s no reason to give up your own sexual desires especially after you apply the following tips and tricks that will get your partner in the right mood for an intense experience.

1. Wear a sexy outfit

The way you look is a big part of it. Don’t be modest when it comes to how sexy you can dress yourself for such an occasion. You can wear a sexy lingerie and a hot latex dress or even a skirt and a hot bra. It all depends on what you feel comfortable to wear and what makes you feel sexy and attractive. If you love yourself others will love you too and your partner will find it hard to resist to your charms!

2. Use new sex toys and accessories

Everyone is curious about new sexual sensations and new ways to reach potential intense orgasms. If you sparkle your partner’s curiosity and get their attention, half of your job is done. There are higher chances to get them to experience something new than to dive into the same old sexual routine that might not seem so appealing to them. Wear a pair of nipple clamps and show them a new electro-stimulating device that you recently achieved and they will be all into trying it out. Use your imagination and adapt your outfit and your sexual arsenal to the kind of sexual encounter that you want to experience with your lover. It is essential to know what you want before you try to obtain it and if your partner is not in such a sexual mood you need to take control over the entire sex scene. At least for the beginning of it.

3. Set up the right atmosphere

When you want to turn your lover on it doesn’t have to be all about you. The fact that you are a sexy presence is only half of the entire foreplay. You can set up your bedroom to induce the erotic atmosphere that will help you indulge into a hot sex scene. Use some candles and low light to create a romantic vibe and don’t neglect the power a good music either. Sexy music is a great way to stimulate your partner’s senses and make them feel the sexual passion that you are feeling. Combined with a sexy outfit and the right sex toys and accessories, you will have a complete sexy ambience and you will be free to release your sexual desires and drag your partner into the most intimate of your fantasies. Make sure you keep visual contact with them and seduce them with every move that you make if you want to end up between the sheets.

By applying these tips and tricks your lover will forget all about their headache or whatever reason stopped them from diving into a hot sexual encounter with you from the very beginning. When they are just as turned on as you are the hot experience can begin and you will love every moment of it! The fact that you created the right circumstances for such a sexual encounter to take place will give you an inner satisfaction that will increase your passion and pleasure. You will both end up having intense orgasms and engaging into a long and intense sexual race!

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