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How to Get Your Crush to Kiss You & Crave You

So you have made all your flirty moves by now… and he still hasn’t kissed you. You are out with him or have been out a few times, but apparently he doesn’t get the signals you are sending him, even though he seems to like you back. So what can be holding him back? Well, to begin with, he may be worried about going too fast because he doesn’t want you to get the wrong idea about his intentions. Or he may be scared… yes, men get easily scared when they have to kiss a girl they like wink*

That is why most men will wait for you to give him the signal they should go ahead and kiss you. I mean, he is probably scared you will reject him mid almost kiss (and could something be worse than that?)

The very first sign you want to give to him is move-in closer; he will not understand that you want to be kissed if you are standing a foot away from him. Get close to him in subtle ways: pretend to slip and move closer, scoot over to his side, and say something like ‘is really cold in here, right?’ You want him to understand you are looking to be close to him because you are comfortable in his presence.

For those moments when you are sitting right next to one another, you want to stare directly into his eyes while he is talking about something. You want to look at him straight in his eyes; don’t nod or move your head. The idea is to create a connection by looking at each other’s eyes. When he is looking right at you, look down at his lips for a second and return to his eyes. It is the universal move that says: I want to kiss you.

You can also do some more flirting for him to get the idea. A good way is to move your fingers, so they are almost touching his; you may find that he puts his palm over your hand. Another thing you can do is to gently touch his palm or hand as you are whispering sweet things like ‘I am having an amazing time here with you.’ It is sure sign that you are definitely looking for more.

If what you want is a kiss, you can try kissing him in the cheek… for no reason at all! Just lean into him, say something and kiss his cheek. Or kiss his cheek. You want to let it linger for a bit because if you move too fast he may think you did it as a joke. What you are looking to create here is some sexual tension, and if you are lucky he will turn his cheek so you can kiss on the lips instead wink*

On that same line, you can whisper, ‘I had a great time’ close to his ear (so that your lips are touching his ear) as you are saying goodbye. You can also put a hand over his cheek when you are saying this… This creates the perfect opportunity for him to kiss you on the spot… and if he doesn’t, he will get excited for sure!

The moment when you are saying goodbye is a perfect one to kiss him. If it is time to say goodbye and he isn’t giving you any signs of leaning in for a kiss, you want to try this next trick. When he leans in to hug you and kiss your cheek, turn your face a little so that your lips can touch… on accident, of course. He will know right away your lips have touched, so you can probably expect an awkward smile. But you want to look into his eyes as if he should do something else… and that is his cue for him to kiss you!

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