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4 Ways to Boost Lust in your Sex Life

A happy relationship based on love and respect with a good amount of lust helps to keep your sexual life active. At the same time, it adds enough excitement guaranteed to satisfy both partners. Hence, it is important for you to establish a balance among these aspects in your relationship if you want to feel fulfilled emotionally and sexually. Moreover, it guarantees you a long term intimate connection with your partner. While introducing lust into your romantic relationship, in particular if you are a BDSM enthusiast, is important, doing so is easier said than done. If you plan to develop your sexual skills together with your lover, here are some tips to help you mix love and lust in a successful relationship.

1. Take it step by step

Don’t expect to become kinky with your lover all of a sudden, especially if this is something new for both of you. In fact, if your partner has never heard of your BDSM fantasy before, then joining you in your sexual adventure might come as a surprise. It is best to take things slow and see what each of you is comfortable with. Work your way to an intense BDSM relationship as a team and work together on every new experience you plan to try.

2. Introduce new toys and accessories

When you want to spice things up in your bedroom, introducing new toys and sexual accessories is a great idea. In fact, getting familiar with using them is one of the best sexual practices ever! If you are fantasizing about trying those nipple clamps you keep eyeing then don’t wait any longer. Find out how they feel as you enjoy a sexual encounter with your partner. If you have never tried a butt plug before, well it might be about time to do so. It will give you intense stimulation and a lot more sexual pleasure than you ever imagined. Chances are your partner will be curious to experience such passionate feelings with you and they will dive along into this new world with a smile and a lot of excitement. Bondage gear is a great accessory to any BDSM scene for both beginner and experienced practitioners. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try next time you are looking for some intense action with your lover. You can try everything from ropes to harnesses and swings. Afterward, decide which one feels best for both of you to use again in your next encounters.

3. Watch some kinky videos together

Watching some erotic videos with your partner can give both of you some new ideas to spice things up in the bedroom. You can use erotic videos as a form of foreplay. On the other hand, you can watch them at the same time you indulge in several sexual practices together then add some of your own insight into the scene. Seeing others performing the sexual fantasies you have been longing for will help you feel more comfortable and boost your confidence as you try to it out for yourself. It can help ease the pressure off for both of you.

4. Be ready to walk the path your partner is comfortable with

It is very important not to push things. If your relationship is based on romance and sweetness then those characteristics don’t have to disappear. You just want to add some kinkiness and entertainment to your sex life as a way to complement your romantic life. But if your partner is not comfortable with the amount of lust and sexual activities you plan to introduce in the bedroom then take a step back. Take a cue from with your partner. This way, you can grow together and enjoy the journey as a couple rather than just wanting the end goal.

Good communication and a high level of trust with your partner are beneficial when you plan to introduce some BDSM elements into your sex life. Be sure you have a healthy and steady relationship before exploring more sexual adventures together.

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