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Is it Okay to Think of Someone Else during Sex?

Sexual encounters can be of a wide variety and that is due to the multitude of options that we have when it comes to fetishes, fantasies and sexual toys. We can share it with a constant partner or have a sexual affair or even indulge in a session of masturbation. In all these cases, while our body is engaged in sexual practices in order to stimulate ourselves and our potential partner, our mind is free to wonder and explore its own fields to reach sexual satisfaction. And our mind doesn’t have any boundaries which is its beauty. And many of us think afterwards, if it is okay and fair to fantasy about other people or think of different situations when we engage in a sexual encounter with our loved one. The answer is not only positive, but also a natural one: Yes! And here are some of the main reasons it is normal to let our mind free to wonder about whatever and whoever it wants while we have an intense sexual encounter!

1. We materialize our fantasies

All our fantasies start in our mind. We either imagine them or see them in an erotic video or some other source and our mind relates to them in such a strong way that our body wants to experience them. If we fantasy about a specific bondage style or other BDSM scene, we will inevitably want to make it happen in reality. And when we do perform such a sexual encounter with our partner our mind makes sure it is in accordance with what we imagined and originally wanted. This is not only normal but recommended for an intense sexual pleasure and satisfaction and we shouldn’t hold back from using the power of our mind during a sexual intercourse or stimulation scene, no matter how intense it is.

2. We try to find the sexual standards in our partner

If we fantasy about a specific person but we have a sexual encounter with someone else, it is normal to develop a comparation process between the two individuals. Studies show that most people think of someone else during sexual intercourse and there is nothing wrong with that! When we stimulate our slave with an orgasm belt or our favorite dildo, it can be quite hot and intense to imagine that we are doing the same to the partner of our dreams. The person we fantasy about in our head might very well be a celebrity or a co-worker. Everything is allowed inside the fantasy world and there is no censorship when it comes to what our mind can think about.

3. We need to stimulate ourselves during masturbation

When it comes to masturbation, thinking of different people inside our head is quite inevitable and essential for a sexual satisfaction and a potential orgasm. We either watch an erotic video and imagine ourselves as one of the partners in the video or we simply imagine a sexual scene that involves us having a hot experience with someone just as hot. This is the basis of masturbation and if you are not thinking of someone in particular while you masturbate you might not reach a very high level of sexual satisfaction, which can be quite disappointing.

So, next time you are having a session of intense and exciting sexual intercourse with your partner and you find yourself thinking of someone else, don’t feel so guilty about it! Same thing when you indulge in a long session of masturbation which couldn’t actually be achieved without the right amount of creativity and a rich imagination. You don’t have to share your thoughts all the time and sometimes, such fantasies are safer to be kept for ourselves. But it is important to set your mind free and let your imagination materialize in the hottest way possible during your sexual scene.

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