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Things You Think Women Love

If you have ever dated the opposite sex, chances are you completely understand that whole men are from Mars and the women are from Venus’ concept, because it could sometimes feel as if the opposite sex is a completely new form of human being. Understanding women should be easy enough, right? But reality is figuring out what women like and think can seem like an interesting ability you simply don’t have.

And that makes it worse when you are trying to get brownie points with a new partner. You may think they love it when you ’_____’ only to come crashing down to the reality you are losing points and the relationship you once thought was going in the right direction, actually is heading straight to valley of doom (I know, super dramatic, but anyone who has ever been in this position can relate…is not only me right?)

So while everyone is different, usually there are some things the female sex is not keen on. And because I know you are dying to know, I will try to win some brownie points with you by sharing some of these wink*

To begin with, we have the ancient dilemma of what do you want to eat? For some reason, the majority of women tend to be picky when it comes to deciding what to order or what to eat, so of course you will be gentlemanly and will ask her what does she want. But if she doesn’t have a craving or something especially in mind, it actually may be best to propose a few places or something in particular. Now, I am not saying you should order for them (don’t do that unless it is asked) but women tend to appreciate something to choose from instead of a blank canvas.

If you are starting to date her, you may believe a good way to get on her good graces with her friends, particularly her female friends. And that is true; practically every woman loves it if her boyfriend gets along great with her friends. But you need to be careful with that trust. If you start to get to intimate with her female friends, like constantly hugging them, flattering them or constantly talking to them, it may create the wrong impression and send her bolting from the hills.

Another important thing you need to know is women tend to liked being listened on while they are talking about their problems, but they don’t enjoy you trying to find the solution. Often a woman will come to you to let off steam, not because she wants you to tell her what to do to solve it. That is why you may find she gets annoyed when she tells you about a personal or professional problem and you tell her things like ‘well, you should talk to ____’ or ‘maybe you should start by___’ She just wants you to listen her.

Now, when it comes to sex, the best course of action when you are just starting to date a woman is implement the policy: ask first. For instance, you may think is completely sexy if you surprise her for a little bit of sex in the shower, but not every woman enjoys this. Another example is waking them up in the middle of the night for some sex; while some women may love this, others may feel less enthralled by it. Some may even think about this as an invasion of privacy. When you start dating someone you don’t know what kind of things the like, so it is best to ask first and have that reference for further adventures. If they are comfortable with it, you have carte blanche to surprise her with these activities in the future.

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