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Slave Care During & After Humiliation Training

If you are looking to initiate some humiliation training, there are some things you need to keep in mind before you begin. You should obviously have a discussion with your partner/slave because as you know, communication is key in all relationships and even more when it comes to these subjects. So, these are some things you need to be aware of:

  • Agreements and limits: Before you attempt anything, you will need to discuss what your partner’s limits This might include words that are now allowed because they may feel it crosses the line or what is appropriate and what isn’t appropriate behavior. If you guys want to, you can even write it down so both of you feel extra confident when it comes to the actual training. And it may help to write down the limits so you know and are very clear about what to include and what to leave out in your scenes.
  • Know your partner: This is especially important because you need to know what experiences they’ve had, what are their expectations from this and any possible past distresses they’ve experienced. It relates closely with the first point; you will need to have an honest discussion beforehand where limits, ideas, expectations, concerns and everything in between is discussed and understood by both.
  • Keep notes: It’s a good idea to write down the experience afterwards. Think about it like a journal; write down how your slave reacted to the session. This will help you and guide you when it comes to changing or keeping methods. And you also want to write down the progress, just to keep track of it. It’s important to write down when your slave didn’t have trouble accomplishing a task or if they didn’t broke down this time, for instance.
  • Repeat: When it comes to humiliation training you may feel you are repeating the same scenes, but part of the whole thing is to be consistent. When you repeat the scenes enough times, your slave will react in the accorded manor.
  • Rest: Just as with any training, you need to be aware of taking breaks. This is some hardcore and intense play, so make sure to give it a break. Everything will go smoother, I promise!
  • Communicate: When you commit a mistake, make sure to apologize and top stop immediately. Just as well, when your slave has been good and has made progress, make sure you tell them so. This will help them in the next session. Remember everyone needs encouragement and motivation; your slave will probably need it after intense sessions.
  • Aftercare: This is probably one of the most important steps in training. Like I mentioned, sessions are intense and you will need to take care of your slave afterwards. Take the extra mile in making sure they feel taken care of; some food, cuddles, talking about it…whatever your slave needs to continue. Oh! And aftercare will also increase your trust and strengthen your relationship.

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