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What Men Expect from Women in Bed

Who doesn’t want to be better at sex? I think we can all agree is a subject of outmost importance in a person’s life; what’s more, it’s one of those things where you are constantly learning new things and having fun learning them…and putting them to practice wink*.

So this is your turn, lovely women out there, to learn more about what men say women should know when it comes to having sex. Now, keep in mind these are only some popular comments men have, they are subject to changing depending on your particular partner. What I want to say is, this is not gospel; read it, let it settle in your mind, and then see if it applies to your particular position. You may be surprised to learn a thing or two…

Probably the number one thing men can agree on is: be confident. Your man wants you to be in the moment, free of any insecurities you may have. Second thing is, don’t be afraid of speaking up about what you want. If you don’t tell him what you like, how will he know? Unless he is a magician or mind reader and in that case, lucky you wink*. So next time, speak up about what fantasy or act you want to try, the position that gets you off or what exactly should he do with its tongue…

Another thing most men are really particular about: their penis. Obviously each man has his own particular set of requirements and likes, but as a general rule, all men love blow jobs. Who would say, right? Wink*. And speaking about penises, if you are giving them a hand job, don’t grip it too hard! It is a sensitive area and you don’t need to worry, it won’t fall off, so squeeze it too much. Just use plenty of lube to help you out and you’re set. Oh! And before I forget, you know what also makes them mad? Eye contact. If you are giving them a blow job or hand job, don’t forget to make eye contact. Ask any guy, the answer will be positive. And don’t forget about the occasional smile, as well. Let him know you are also enjoying it!

During actual penetration, a little trick to make it more exciting is to do some Kegel’s while he is inside you. As you know, Kegel exercises are nothing more than the contraction of the pelvis muscles, so imagine how it feels for them when you start to squeeze and let go when they are inside you…You can also be more vocal during sex; I mean, if you don’t want to scream as if you are in a porn film, it’s all right. But let go a little and let them know you like it, in whatever way you prefer to do so. Sometimes even a smile can make the whole difference. Never forget men like to know they are doing a good job and sometimes “don’t stop” doesn’t cut it.

For some final tips, you can always masturbate in front of them and tell them they won’t be able to touch you. It may sound simple but you may be surprised of how highly erotic that scene plays out, go ahead and try it, trust me. And you know what men also love and sometimes women take for granted? Just simple loving touches. Kiss them, touch them and hold them…perfect card game, right? Wink*.

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