The Kinkiest Valentine’s Gift Guide for Your Master/Mistress

Without a Master/Mistress, how would you get all the spanking you need tonight? So be grateful and get ready to give your Dom/mes the best Valentine’s gift they can ever have. And nope, that personalized pillow (unless it’s a photo of your butt cheek) isn’t something he/she wishes to have. You know how kinky things get in the bedroom so why not give them something that would perk up their sexually adventurous life?

Thanks to the infamous erotic novel and phenomenal success of the movie itself, 50 Shades Of Grey have made things quite easier. It has sparked the imaginations of the readers and viewers on how to make the bedroom scene kinkier and more alive than the usual sex night. But if you’re still clueless on what to give them this coming February 14, you can start by reading this NSFW gift guide.

So sit back, relax, and grab a ball gag (‘cause we’ll do the talking).

Worn out Whips And Paddles?

We know how rough things are in bed – always – and chances are, your Master/Mistress’s spank-me toys are already old and battered. So isn’t it nice to give him/her a new set of floggers and slappers? After all, he/she’s not the only one who will benefit from it but also the naughty girl you are! Match these with a sensation toy or two and we guarantee you’re hitting the sweet spot!

Alone No More!

Not all the time he/she’s with you but there’s still something you can do about it. #SendNudes and along with it a new masturbator and vibrator. Talking about pleasure-on-the-go!

Too mainstream? Why not try electro-simulating toys! This will surely put him/her in the mood when alone or even before you dive into action. And don’t forget to add an electro-sex gel for a more intense pleasure!


Whether your man’s willing to switch roles or just have a fetish with wearing something pretty and fancy, there are a lot of goodies to choose from. It’s either a feminizing collar, a cross-dressing leatherette bondage gear, butt shaper, or even life-like breast forms!


Having a vegan partner doesn’t imply a mundane sex life, you know that! In fact, your Master/Mistress can still rock you hard no matter what. So if you want to support his/her lifestyle and at the same time, his/her fetish, you can opt for vegan gears like body harnesses, paddles, wraps, and the list go on!

Hm, Gift Certificates?

If after all these ideas you still end up undecided or you’re just an ever faithful and generous sub and you want to add more, you can simply givegift certificates and let your Master/Mistress choose his/her own toys. Don’t worry, it’s not like you’re going to get a lot of beating if you can’t make up your mind (unless it’s something you want!)


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