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5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Submissive Pet

She has amused you, entertained you, and fulfilled your desire. Crawled, oinked, wagged her tail, and did whatever crazy stuff you have in mind. In short – you’ve been satisfied, very satisfied. So why not give her a token or two this Valentine’s? A little gift of love for your submissive pet won’t hurt – or will it? *wink But that doesn’t matter. All that matters is your effort to give her the reward she deserves for being a great pet slave.

I know that you, too, are overwhelmed with a lot of thoughts. You want to give her this and that – you simply can’t make up your mind, don’t you? Don’t worry, we’ve come up with the perfect list on what to give your submissive pet this coming Valentine’s. It’s more than just the fancy pet food dishes and collars, although there’s nothing wrong to include that. Nonetheless,, this gift guide will make her speechless and drooling.

1. Put A Ring On It

One reason why your slave is such as good pet is because she adores you and she wants to be with you until the end of time. And the best way to let her know that you feel the same is by putting a ring on it – and it’s far better than any other ring! A ring gag, that’s what we’re talking about! You don’t have to worry about getting her size ‘cause this will fit any mouth – thanks to the strap, this will hold it in place no matter how hard the banging goes!

2. Customized BDSM Collar

Nothing beats a gift with a personal touch – so the next time you give her something to wear on, have it customized. For instance, rather than giving the usual BDSM collar, you can choose a color that would match her personality, add a bit of stud, and her pet name engraved on it.

You can also add a few loops to it so you can attach your favorite hardware gears, like a leash or a padlock.

3. Butt Plug With Tail

Plug your lover’s ass in a fancy butt plug with a tail. This gift will surely make her hop out of excitement. If you want something that’s easy to wear, go for rubber butt plugs BUTT if you wanna make her screaming for pleasure, you can opt for something big and hard! Don’t be afraid to examine from time to time – meaning, get her more than one type of butt plug this Valentine’s!

4. Lead The Way

Your pet’s a slave for a reason – and one of which is because she wants you to lead! So give her what she’s asking for. Attach a fetish-y rubber leash on her wrist, neck, ankle, or whatever body part you have in mind (no one’s stopping you!) and remind her that she’s owned – even Cupid’s arrow cannot take control!

5. Paws Wrap

What’s pet play if your sub doesn’t have a paw? So be sure to put a paw wrap in your cart and see how your little sub squirm for joy. It’s a cute but very effective restraint that will keep your pet in place. Whether you place an electro-stimulating toy on her nips or a vibrator, she won’t be able to take it off. Now that’s PAWerful!

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