You probably heard of the variety of orgasms that you can enjoy but a Bigasm is by far one of the most exciting orgasms. If you are intuitive and like to stay informed, you might guess the meaning of this orgasm, but you will never be able to understand it until you experience it with your partner or even during a masturbation session. Orgasms are not for couples alone, and single people should enjoy them every time they want as well, especially if they have the right sex toys and accessories. Before we dive any deeper into the advantages of having such an amazing sexual experience, you should know that a bigasm is that type of orgasm that involves two different forms of sexual stimulation. It can be equally achieved by men and women and it can be just as intense for both genders. Couple of all sexual orientations incorporate this type of orgasm into their sexual encounters and they have strong reasons for doing that as it can increase the sexual satisfaction significantly!

You can stimulate her vagina by using a vibrator or an orgasm belt while you are engaging into an intense session of anal intercourse. Or you can use a butt plug while you engage into some hot vaginal intercourse and stimulate her G Spot! Some women find an intense sexual stimulation while their partner is playing with their breasts and nipples. You can do that by simply using your hands or you can have her wear a pair of nipple clamps to ease your job while you concentrate on the other form of sexual stimulation that will help her reach an intense orgasm. Use your imagination and pick any of these forms of stimulation together to drive your lover crazy during any type of sex scene. By stimulating two of their erogenous zones you will for sure give them the bigasm of their life and they will not expect anything less from you in the future so, you will have to stay up to the standards that you set up. Same rules apply for guys. Men might have less erogenous zones or at least less obvious ones than women, but they do enjoy a good bigasm whenever they get the chance. You can lead them there by stimulating them anally during intercourse. Or you can give them an intense blowjob while they are wearing a butt plug. Prostate stimulators are a big thing for guys as well. It is commonly thought that a guy’s prostate has the same sexual potential as a woman’s G Spot and this is definitely something that you should explore when you want to satisfy your partner in a unique and intense way. Chances are they will be not only impressed by your knowledge but also become addicted to your passionate techniques! Other erogenous zones that you can stimulate at your man during sexual encounters are his ears by simply whispering naughty words into them during an even naughtier intercourse or his chest. Very few women know that men love their chest being touched during a sexual encounter and this can also be an intense sexual stimulation for them, especially if you use your nails in the process. Use your creative skills and give your partner the best bigasm and they will make sure to return the favor with the first occasion they get.

While a bigasm is not easy to achieve for new couples because they might not be aware of each other’s sexuality at such an intense level, it shouldn’t be hard if you have a long-term relationship. Keep an open communication with your lover and be aware of their sexual desires and preferences in order to keep them satisfied and stimulated just the way they want it. And don’t be afraid to share your own fantasies and fetishes so they will feel comfortable in any sexual encounter with you!

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