What is Like to Have an Open Marriage

Open marriages might not be for everyone, but they definitely have their benefits and they can even contribute significantly to your relationship. An open marriage is one that is not limited by sexual exclusivity and that is the main and only characteristic that makes it different from other marriage in which partners are expected to share their sexuality only with each other. Some marriages are open from the beginning while others become like that along the day, especially when the need for a certain sexual diversity starts to be present. And as controversial as this might seem to some couple, let’s see what are the main advantages that an open marriage can bring to both partners for the long run.

1. You will discover new sexual fetishes and fantasies together

Sometimes, and as a matter of fact most of the times, when we develop new sexual desires and interests we don’t seem to be so willing to share them with our partner. This happens because we are afraid of unexpected consequences. Some might be afraid of judgments while others might be afraid of the impact that these new fetishes and fantasies might have on their relationship that reached a point of comfort. And the fear of breaking a balance within the couple is very present! Especially when you start to be interested in kinky sexual practices such as bondage play, or other BDSM scenes. Or even when you simply want to try anal sex. Especially if you discover that you might want to be a sissy and see how much sexual satisfaction this practice brings to you. If you are in an open relationship, you don’t have to deny these fetishes anymore and you can easily share them or test them with someone else. The fact that you have the freedom to explore your sexuality with other partners gives you the chance to indulge in sexual practices that you are not comfortable to try with your spouse and over time, you can incorporate them into your marriage easier.

2. You will never cheat on each other

Since you both agree that you can have other sexual partners, you will not have any reason to cheat or lie on each other. Even more than that, in a healthy open marriage, you will also share the sexual experiences that you have with other people and use them to develop your own sexuality and the future sexual encounters that you have with each other. This will increase the level of trust between the two of you and will help you feel more free even if you are married. Most married couples complain about their lack of freedom and the fantasy about having sex with other people without having this chance, unless they choose to cheat on their spouse. But this will never be your case.

3. Your intimacy will become so much stronger

Exploring your sexuality with such a freedom and confidence will also increase the level of intimacy between you and your spouse. You will feel comfortable to talk about more intimate aspects and sexual desires and, also, you will enjoy sharing your sexual fetishes with each other. And you can do all these things while you enjoy a long evening of cuddling on the couch or over dinner. The intimate moments that both of you share will become more intense also because when you have a sexual experience with someone else it will not be an emotional one. Open marriages allow shared sexuality but without the attachment that is between the spouses. So, there will always be some intimate aspects of your relationship that will be only for you and your spouse to enjoy and that you will not explore with other people simply because you are in love with your spouse. Some couples call their sexual experiences with other people “sport sex” since it lacks emotions and therefore substance. This is also one of the reasons why the marriage stays safe over time even if some other partners might be involved in it.

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