Why is So Hot to Have a Sex Code

Did you ever consider having a sex code with your lover? If so, you might not be new to this concept, but most couples don’t bother developing such a code and they don’t know what they are missing! Having a sex code can be hot at so many levels but also highly efficient during a variety of situation.

1. Great for public excitement

Just because you are in public with your partner, it doesn’t mean that you have to deny your sexual desires and wait until you are alone to get some excitement. If you and your partner have a well-established sex code, this is the time to use it. You can whisper all kinds of things to each other without the rest of the crowd understanding what you are talking about which, eventually, will get them to not even listen because the conversation will be meaningless to them but full of naughtiness to you. You can let your partner know that you are wearing no panties and that you would love to meet at the restroom of the restaurant in five minutes. They will get the message instantly and follow you for a fast orgasm which can be very exciting as well in such circumstances. Or, you can entertain the sexual desire by using your sex code until you can both be alone and engage in some intense sexual encounter. This will make your experience even more exciting knowing that you have been talking about it during your social event.

2. Can lead to a quickie session of masturbation

When you are at work and you need a little sexual stimulation during your break, is never fun to not get that! For some people, this is better than the cigarette break and it can make your day so much more productive. But how to do that when your lover is not with you? How about calling them and talking naughty to each other using your sex code? You can lock your office and get your favorite vibrator out while you are doing so and have an amazing session of phone sex. Or you can share with them all the kinky things that you would love to do, while they are surrounded by their coworkers. Sounds cruel, but it can be a huge turn on for both of you and he will have an orgasm as soon as he can get a few minutes alone. If you want to make this even more intense. Wear a pair of nipple clamps under your shirt and get stimulated without anyone knowing! This will add nicely to the naughty sex code words that you will exchange with your lover while you are at work.

3. Helps couple communicate their sexual desires in front of the kids

We all know that some things are better left unsaid in front of the kids and that can limit the communication between a couple. If you are used to turn your lover on with naughty words during dinner or while you are watching your favorite TV show, you can say good bye to that while your children are around. However, you can also use a sex code and talk in such a way that only you two understand what is going on. The children ill not even pay attention to you and your partner will get your point in a minute. You want to be “tucked in” later or? Or, do you want help with your “homework”? Be creative when you establish your sex code and use it in the safest way possible to stimulate your sexuality and maintain it just as exciting as it was before you two became parents. In many cases, being sexual active as a parent can be even hotter considering all the games that you can play with your partner. And you can explore that even if your time is more limited.

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