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Why is Swinging So Fascinating

When it comes to bondage styles and accessories, swinging is an intense one and a very erotic practice as well. It has many advantages and it can generate exciting orgasms for both partners involved in the BDSM scene. Even if it is related to suspension bondage, swinging is not quite the same. But it can definitely be just as intense as an edge play of suspension bondage if it is done correctly. Let’s look at some of the advantages and sensations that swinging can bring to your sex life and how you can make the most out of such an interesting sexual practice! First of all, we talk about swinging as in using a swing during a sexual encounter and not switching partners, even if that can be just as exciting but we will save that one for another time!

1. Freedom and control at the same time

When your submissive partner is on a swing, there are so many things that you two can do together. And there are many types of swings out there. Some look like regular swings while others are complex body harnesses with suspension features. You can even improvise a swing by using a body harness so don’t let the small details stop you when you want to experience such a sexual fantasy. Your submissive partner will feel free while they are moving back and forth on the swing but also highly controlled because you, as a dominant, are the one who is in charge of the direction and intensity of the movements. It will be up to you how fast they swing and how intense you stimulate them while they do so. You can have an intense sexual intercourse or simply use several stimulating toys and accessories while your partner is tied in a swing.

2. Gives the dominant the sense of power

The dominant has so much power over their slave during a session of swinging bondage and that is one of the most exciting parts. You can make your female submissive partner wear a pair of nipple clamps or even stimulate their genitalia with a big dildo or an orgasm belt while they are swinging in the straps of your bondage system. The way they move and the way they are sexually stimulated will be completely up to you. And you can give them an orgasm after another while they are at your fingertips!

3. Intense sexual sensations one after another

During a swinging session, both partners can experience a variety of sexual sensations. From the feeling of constant falling that a free swinging gives to the submissive partner, which can be more or less intense depending on the system of swinging that is used, to exciting orgasms and sexual satisfaction, everything can happen while one of you is tied in a swing. You can incorporate a swing in a variety of sexual scenes and it is a great asset for BDSM encounters due to the power that such a practice gives to the dominant over their slave.

Best way to use a swing is by suspending it in the doorway or from the ceiling, according to what options you have in your household. Use your imagination and creative skills when you set it up and also when you start using it. You can discover new ways of reaching intense sexual satisfaction with your slave every day by using a swing and your favorite sex toys and accessories. However, what should always come first is the safety! Make sure that you don’t take extreme or unnecessary risks for the same of a final sexual satisfaction and also talk to your partner before diving into such an intense sexual encounter. Using a swing can be fun but it can also be a great edge play scene, depending on your limits and how much control your partner is willing to give you.

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