Why Married Couples Should Have an Occasional Guest in the Bedroom

Married couples face a lot of challenges along their marriage but they also have the solution to most of them. However, to be successful in a marriage, it takes two people who are open minded and willing to try out new sexual experiences together. Have you ever thought about inviting a sexy guest in your bedroom? If you haven’t maybe you should consider it. But it depends on how you feel about sexually sharing your partner and vice versa. You should also take their opinion into account. If you are debating on this idea but you haven’t made up your mind just yet, here are some arguments to help you decide whether or not you should invite a guest in your bedroom.

1. It will add some diversity to your life

Trying something new can only bring benefits to your relationship like it will to any other aspect of you life. A marriage just like any other aspect of our existence, needs wok and effort to keep it blossoming. And who wouldn’t like to try out a new sex scene every now and then? You don’t have to make this a regular thing but once at some weeks, you should consider joining a threesome sex scene along with your husband or wife. This goes for marriages of all genders and sexual preferences. You will learn a lot of new things from each other as you dive into such experiences and you should try to evolve not only as a couple but also as individuals when it comes to discovering new sides of your sexualities.

2. You get the chance to enjoy new fetishes

Fetishes are specific to each person and each couple but one thing is for sure: we all have our sexual fetishes and fantasies. And we tend to want to indulge in them as often as we can. For instance, if you wanted to try out impact play, you should definitely go for it during a threesome. Find someone who has the same sexual interests as you and your spouse and see how you can enjoy an amazing experience together. Compatibility is important when you have a guest in your bedroom and both you and your partner should be charmed by the arrangement. You get the chance to enjoy being a submissive or a dominant and you might even want to apply such a sex scene in the future intimate moments you have with your spouse. Threesomes are meant for couples who want to have fun and also get to know themselves better and their limits in order to see what level of sexuality they can experience.

3. You can try out new toys

New toys usually come as a given when you are inviting a guest in your bedroom. Different types of plugs or orgasm belts and even spreader bars and more thematic toys such as nipple clamps and mouth gags. You will be able to try new role plays as well so if you are into a medical fetish you should definitely explore it to its highest potential during a threesome. Chances are you will discover interesting aspects of you sexual life and try to invest more energy into experiencing even new ones. But you need to be interested in discovering new things and trying them out along with your lover. If you find yourself in a situation in which you are not comfortable with, establish a safe word ahead of time so you know what to do to get out of a scenario and change it to one you will all love. Because such an intimate experience should be a pleasure to everyone involved in the sex scene. And if you are not feeling satisfied, most likely the other partners are not finding much sexual satisfaction either. It is an all for one and one for all kind of scenario and this is the only way a successful threesome will function!

As you can see, there are interesting reasons to invest in such an experience. And if you want to maintain the passion alive in you marriage, you should definitely think about trying a threesome. By doing so you will enjoy a happier and healthier relationship for a longer time and you will not face the challenges that marriages are prone to. So, set your limits aside and make the most out of enjoying a new experience both you and your lover will enjoy. Plus, your lover will most likely appreciate the fact that you are trying to maintain the flame alive between the two of you. The only thing that keeps couples away from trying a threesome is fear and that never brings anything good to any relationship, ever! So, don’t fall into the trap!

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