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Best Ways to Tell They Like You Back

First dates can be pretty nerve wrecking as it is, and even when it is all over, you are left wondering if the other person is attracted to you or at the very least likes you enough to go out again.

As a matter of fact, you should put extra effort on first dates; they are supposed to be a simple way to get together and see if there is any chemistry between the two of you. Rarely does a relationship blossom right away, but either way there are some signs you can watch out for to see if your potential partner is on the same page as you.

You want to pay attention in how they are sitting. It might sound weird, but you can tell if a person likes you by their posture. If he or she is constantly leaning towards you or are relaxed while they stare directly into your eyes, then chances are they are interested in you.

Another sign a lot of people can miss is the smile. Obviously, if someone likes you they will smile a lot; it is a natural rule of life and nature. When you are thinking or seeing something or someone you like, you will smile without even noticing you are doing it. If the person is constantly smiling when you are talking to them, then I guess you can figure out what it means.

You also want to pay attention to their eyes. A positive sign is if they stare at you deeply while they are talking to you. While you feel uncomfortable under their intense stare, it only means there is chemistry there! This usually underlines desire and longing; basically the person wants to have more intimacy with you in the future. They can’t do it right there without coming of as creepy or perverted, of course. But it is a good sign of things to come, if you know what I mean *wink*

Laughing and blushing are also very good signs as well. You want to be on the lookout for laughs after you say something funny or if they blush after you pay them a compliment. You can consider these things as subconscious elements of flirting because their body is reacting to their brain without them really controlling it.

Another flirty move is teasing. If they are teasing you during the date it will probably mean they like you; teasing is a great flirting move. They can also ask you personal questions because they are interested in getting to know you better. Remember, if they don’t like you they will not be pulling your leg and wanting to know more about you.

Be aware of their body language. Sometimes these are the simple things, stuff like wetting their lips with their tongue while they are looing at your face or lips or glancing directly at your lips. These clues can be done very subtly but they could very well indicate a sexual connection is starting between the two of you. You will know because you will begin to feel hot all of the sudden under their gaze or you could even blush. You could even start being more self conscious about your own body because you know they are scrutinizing you. But hey, this is a good thing as intensity and sexual connection can lead to interesting things *wink*

As for the date itself, they may find excuses to make the date last longer since they are enjoying themselves and they want to spend more time with you. They don’t have to go up front and say it; sometimes it is all in the little details. If they are eating really slow, order dessert or coffee, suggest going for a drink or simply the conversation continues after the bill is set, then they want to spend more time with you.

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