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Glossary of Cross-Dressing Terms

If you are starting on the wonderful world known as cross dressing, you may be surprised to find several terms you have previously never heard of. It’s ok, all beginners get confused, my love wink*. So in order to learn a bit more about the terms you may have heard and read and haven’t understood, you may want to keep reading this further:

  • Ok, so let’s start with something basic like CD, which is nothing more than Crossdresser. This is a man who enjoys dressing up as woman sometimes or a woman who enjoys dressing up as a man, either for sexual pleasure or just because they enjoy how it feels. And it doesn’t mean the person has to be in full drag mode; for instance, a guy who enjoys putting on a wig, heels, a dress or female lingerie can also be considered cross dressing. Just like sexual preferences, sexual identity and people in general, a term can have plenty of definitions and cover a lot of things.
  • On the other hand, a TS is a transsexual. It refers to a man or a female who is in the process or has converted to the opposite sex. So it’s important that you don’t get it confused with cross dressing. A cross dresser feels comfortable with their biological sex and only enjoys playing as the opposite sex A transsexual doesn’t feel comfortable with their assigned sex and goes through a process to convert to the opposite sex. The more you know…
  • And that brings me to the other terms about transformation: F2M and M2F. F2M are women transforming to men and M2F, males converting to females. By the way, those terms include both TS and CS people.
  • So what is the difference between a transvestite and a cross dresser? Well, honestly there is not that big of a difference. The only thing is, transvestites, also called TV, tend to go big their appearance and look, while CD’s are a bit more subdued. TV’s usually are a big part of the scene and tend to be more flamboyant; while cross dressers tend to be more discreet. Another big difference is, some cross dressers only do it privately, while TV’s are never secret.
  • GG, is nothing more than Genetic Girl. These are people born as women that continue to be women all their lives. It’s commonly used to identify the different sexual preferences in a very wide world. Because some women cross dressers like men, others prefer GG (women), and some like other CD’s. So it’s more used to quickly identify sexual preferences, especially in chat rooms or clubs. Now you are ready to go out there and explore.

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