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Crossdressing Etiquette: Feminine Body Language Tips for Crossdressers

The purpose of every successful crossdresser is to successfully portray a woman, correct? And in order to do so, you have to be able to avoid any little thing that may hinder the process, right? Because, as they say, the art is in the details, wink*. So, in order to be the best cross dresser you can possibly be, you will have to take care of some things. And I’m not talking about a wig, a dress, heels, make up and lace underwear, wink*.

One of the first giveaways for men is how they walk. Women walk very different from men, as you may have noticed wink*. Men usually tend to walk with their legs further apart, don’t move around their hips and walk faster and take bigger steps. So in order to walk around more femininely, watch your step! Take slower and smaller steps, with your feet closer together and try to be a bit more delicate in your walk; move your hips slightly (but don’t exaggerate the movement!) and learn how to walk in heels. Heels can be quite an event for both men and women, so its important to learn how to properly walk in them…nobody wants to see a deer in heels, wink*.

Having that in mind, body language is also very important. In order to convincingly pass as a woman, it may be a good idea to take the time to observe how women behave (just don’t stare creepily wink*). They tend to be more graceful, relaxed, move their hands around when they speak, touch their heads and are more tactile as they speak with other people. When you invest enough time on this, chances are it will become part of you and you won’t have to think about it much, it will flow naturally with time. And since we are talking about body language, sitting like a lady is extremely important; don’t “spread” with your legs when you sit, do it with your knees close together. Sit elegantly, don’t put your arms behind the couch or chair (place you hands on your lap) and try to be as composed as you can.

Another thing that tends to get overlooked by men is their voice. Lowering your voice and softening it, are key in order to pass as a woman. I know it can be somewhat hard to do so, but after a little practice you will be able to do it seamlessly. The other part about your voice and speech is about the content. That means you will have to be careful about the words you use; women tend to swear less, talk loudly and their jokes tend to be a bit different.

And last but no least, watch your make up. Correctly applying it will be key and that also means being aware that you can’t apply red lipstick, bright green eye shadow and tons of false eyelashes in the middle of the day. Save the bright looks for the night and keep it a bit more demure at day. Remember, importance in the details wink*.

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