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Hot Weather Make Up Tips for the Perfect Face

Any woman or cross dresser can tell you how hard it is to avoid keeping a running face of make up when it’s about 200 degrees out there (Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but you know where I’m going with this). If you live in a place with hot weather or places with a very hot summer, it can be quite a challenge to keep your make up perfect; especially for crossdressers because they usually have plenty of layers of foundation. Because, let’s face it, there’s a very thin line between a healthy glow and a face full of shine as if you have just gotten a shower. So you should take some measures to prepare your face before you apply any products, such as:

  • Try to get your body as cool as possible before you apply your make up. Just as well, try to keep fresh as you are applying it. If you have a fan or air conditioning, use it! For instance, is you have just gotten out of the shower, don’t start doing your make up right away when the bathroom is all moist and humid. You don’t want to be sweaty as you are applying everything.
  • Keep in mind your products should also be cool. So if they are in a warm place, it will be better to let them cool before you start using them and never apply something that is too runny! If they have melted, don’t cry; just put them in a Ziploc bag and stuck them in the freezer for 30 minutes so they return to their original place. Also, try to put out everything that you will be using beforehand so you don’t have to run here and forward in search of your products. Time is key!
  • Now, before you apply foundation, use a primer. This is a secret most make up artists use and one you can add right away to your routine. A light layer of this will make your make up stay in place longer, even if you sweat, so it’s kind of a miracle product (ask anyone who has used it!)
  • After foundation, use some anti-perspirant powder. It will help you set your make up but be careful, if you feel you are sweating don’t apply more of it because it will blend with the make up and will look all cakey and gross and we don’t want that, right? If you want, you can also finish with some setting spray because it’s always welcomed.
  • In humid or hot weather, it’s even more important for you to use lip liner. Lipstick can run easily, so a lip liner can help things along. You can alternately use a lip pencil close to your natural lips color instead of the color you will be using in your lipstick.
  • Now, using waterproof make up will be key here. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner will help you not look like a raccoon when you sweat. Yes, I know it can be quite hard to remove, but it’s a little sacrifice to make in order to look your best, wink*. 
  • To finish things up, keep tissues in your purse. If they are blotting tissues, better. They will blot away the sweat and moisture without getting rid of your carefully applied make up. So never swipe! Gently blot your face, if you don’t, you will just take off your make up.
  • You can also keep a bottle of thermal spring water (there are plenty of them in the market) in your purse and gently spray your face when you feel yourself getting to hot to refresh your face. Now all you need is to put on your beautiful lingerie, wig and dress and be the sexiest one out there wink*.

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