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Crossdressing Etiquette: Dealing with Facial Hair When Crossdressing

Probably one of the main problems cross dressers face on their daily life is the beard and the stubble. More specifically, covering the beard and the stubble effectively. Plenty of cross dressers feel nothing ruins the whole passing as a woman illusion as a prickly beard rearing its (ugly? Let’s go with inconvenient) head.

The thing is, everything can start smoothly (literally) but if you are planning on staying on a cross dressing mode for a few hours, that shadow can start to make an appearance. It is definitely one of the main concerns with men who cress dress; just a little foundation doesn’t really cover it most of the times. Besides, just layering on foundation to the end of times is not a good option…at the end of the day it will probably look a big ol’ cakey mess and that is definitely not the idea with this.

But a positive note is, you are not alone. Probably all cross dressers face this stubbly (sorry, couldn’t help it wink*) issue and there are several tips that have tried and used before. It is just a matter of figuring out what method works the best for you when it comes to covering that unwelcomed shadow. Once you have figured out what works for you, you will be able to achieve your maximum potential of being a beautiful smooth woman wink*

The first step to take before you start covering anything with make up, is to open your pores in order to smooth them over. Generally, men’s pores tend to be a bit bigger than those of a woman; that is one of the reasons it can create some problems when it comes to make up application.

Now, you can do this by using a warm moist towel on your face. On the other hand, if you have more time, you can always go for a good hot shave or simply take a warm and relaxing bath…it will really depend on your time restrictions and/or preferences.

You also want to always keep your face smooth. This can be done creating a regular face cleansing routine that also includes exfoliating regularly and moisturizing every day. By taking simple steps, you can improve your general skin conditions making things a lot easier for you in the long run. Remember that a skin routine takes little time every day but it can save you a long time in the future. Besides, who doesn’t like to feel pampered? It is important to practice self care and this is great way to this.

When you are all set, you can start with the process known as blending. Primarily you will need a neutralizer. You will need to make sure to splurge on it and get a good quality one because this can make a whole lot of difference. The next thing when it comes to neutralizers is to get one that is appropriate for you skin tone; there are several guides out there you can use to help you out.

You will need to get a small make up brush and apply a thin layer over the beard area. Once you apply it, it is ok to feel as if your skin is a bit too orange or pink. Next, comes foundation. Ideally you will need something that offers medium coverage so you can layer over it. It will look better than simply going for full coverage all at once. Most men prefer a crème formula instead of a liquid one, but it’s a matter of preference. Just don’t forget to blend well and always build the color/coverage from thin layers.

The finishing touch comes with setting powder. Use a powder brush and don’t stroke it because you can streak the foundation. Just apply it gently; as the name suggests, this will set your face. Throughout the day, don’t forget to carry a compact on your bag for any touch ups.

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