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How to Make Your Crossdressing Fantasy a Reality

Do you know that roughly 5% of the world’s men have fantasized about being a woman? To put it into perspective, that is about 150 million men…or half the US population. Needless to say, it’s actually one of the most common fantasies out there. Chances are you know a man who would love spending time as a woman… or two… or maybe I have just described you to a T? wink*.

The good news is, as time goes by, it becomes easier to achieve those fantasies. On one hand, there’s that infinite source of information known as the Internet. On the other, the crossdressing community is large and supportive. This means you can solve any doubts you may have, get ideas and meet wonderful people in the process.

If you want to dip your toes out into the crossdressing waters, it’s important to figure out some things in the process. To begin with, you will need to know what is your primary goal for doing this. Where do you want to go from here? Why will you be doing this? Once you have your goals clear, it will be easier to achieve them. You should also investigate a little bit, don’t be afraid of doing your homework! Research about other cross dressers, what the process entails and what you will need. See how far do you want to take things. Look for inspiration on other women, get an idea about the woman (or women!) you want to emulate. It’s always a good idea to have several images for references, kind of like an inspiration board of sorts, wink*.

One aspect that cross dressers usually focuses on at first is lingerie. And why shouldn’t they? Everyone loves a beautiful and sexy set, right? Besides, it’s the first step towards getting in touch with their feminine side. Nothing compares to silk or lace touching one’s skin. Sometimes, specially men who have previously expressed interest on it, have probably been doing a form of this for years. Maybe of them have tried on panties before or maybe some pantyhose at some point of their lives.

You can get a lingerie set you like and some clothing to get the general feel of things. Some basic make up and the right pair of heels can make all the difference, by the way. You can paint your nails or try on a wig; it will feel completely different running your painted nails over a silk garment that just your regular unpainted ones. Same goes for the wig, it will help you get in touch with those feminine sensations.

To start with, you can get a bra. Measure your chest from nipple to nipple. If it’s an odd number, move up to the next near number. You can also acquire some breasts prosthetics or fill your bra with socks and tissues.

A garter belt will also be a nice touch, helping things to look sexier. A corset will also do the same trick… or why not both?

Remember the important thing here will be to have fun and experiment with your desires and body. There’s no judgment to be had here; after all, remember when masturbation was a taboo or something to be ashamed of? There’s absolutely no shame in enjoying one’s pleasures, my love.

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