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Learn to Love Being a Submissive to Your Master

Even if you feel you are a natural submissive, truth is, a great submissive is not born, it is made wink*. Every one can learn some things to be a better submissive; besides, you need to get in the right mindset in order to achieve all your goals. In order to get in the right mindset, is imperative for the submissive to be willing and able to participate. And I’m saying this because if they are not willing, it will be like hitting a dead street and neither the Dominant nor the Submissive will be happy with the relationship. Oh and don’t forget a submissive must be able to constantly communicate with their Master about concerns, state of mind, expectations, etc.

So, probably the most important thing to keep in mind is you will need to trust entirely in your Master. It’s only natural to be a bit insecure about them at first because you don’t know them well, but as your Master earns your trust, you will have to let go off any insecurity. Trust is an important part of any relationship and this is not an exception.

The learning process is also very important for a submissive. They need to be able to learn from each session and improve with practice; I mean, that is the idea. If they hit a learning halt, it probably means they need to go back so something more basic and take the sessions a bit slower.

Something else a submissive must keep in mind is whether or not the relationship can be discussed with other people. Some Dominants may want to keep their relationship a bit more private, or maybe they don’t want their training techniques discussed. The point here being, if your partner is not comfortable with you talking about the relationship with other people, some discretion will have to be followed. Just make sure you two discuss the terms beforehand so there aren’t any misunderstandings.

And the last thing a submissive must keep in mind is to practice mindfulness and be present in the moment. Sometimes we all get a bit too caught up in the past or the future (yes, you can spank me right now because I’m guilty! Wink*) but part of the experience should be to appreciate the moment and the instants you’re in. Try to focus on the sensations and what surrounds you in that particular moment, relax and enjoy!

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