3 Male Erogenous Zones to Focus On

While it tends to be quite obvious for women what their erogenous and sensitive zones are, it requires a bit more research for men. Men have incredibly sensitive areas on their body and the more you learn about them, the better your sex life will get. You can ask your partner about their sexual preferences and go from there. On the other hand, you can surprise him with intense sexual stimulation you know he might like. Either way, his genitalia is just one of the many options you have when you want to turn him on for an amazing sexual encounter! So, if you were wondering what other ways you can do to stimulate your lover, here are some key areas of their body you should never ignore…unless you are aiming for a quickie but even then, there is room for some extra sexual stimulation!

1. The prostate

A man’s prostate is the equivalent of a woman’s G spot and it is known for generating just as much sexual pleasure, so don’t underestimate this when you want to drive your man crazy in the bedroom! Try to add some butt plug or prostate stimulator to spice things up in the bedroom. You will enjoy his erection even longer than before. These stimulators have the double benefit of giving him more intense sexual stimulation while maintaining their performance at a high level. You can find a variety of sex toys to use when you want to stimulate their prostate. These come in different sizes, shapes, and materials! Don’t be afraid to try the vibrating ones too since they can make his entire body go wild for you in just a matter of seconds!

2. Their nipples

Many people seem to forget men have nipples too and these are very easy to stimulate as well. When it comes to nipple stimulation, some guys are more sensitive than others but it really just takes the right pair of nipple clamps to turn them on. For couples who are into BDSM fetishes and fantasies, nipple clamps are the norm when it comes to their sex life. But even if you are not a BDSM enthusiast you can still give these exciting sex toys a fair try. Men love to have their partner play with their nipples and they will like wearing nipple clamps as well during foreplay and even during sexual intercourse. You can incorporate nipple clamps as part of a sissy scene and add other accessories to them so you have more control over your lover. Use your imagination, hands and nipple clamps to see just how much pleasure you can give your man by playing with their hard nipples! You might be surprised to discover a new and intense fetish to enjoy together!

3. Their penis

The most obvious erotic zone of a man’s body is his penis, all of it, including the balls and shaft. When you want to give your lover an intense orgasm, you simply can’t ignore his penis. Lucky for you, this erogenous zone can be stimulated in a variety of ways from a good blowjob to sexual intercourse. Remember you can include a blowjob as part of your foreplay or you can make it the sexual act itself to give them an amazing orgasm to enjoy! Pay attention to your partner’s reactions and sexual needs to give him as much sexual pleasure and satisfaction as possible. Don’t forget to pay attention to the entire package during a blowjob! You can also enjoy some chastity games and orgasm control roleplay if you want to make things a little more interesting for both of you!

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