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5 Steps to Get the Most Out of Foreplay

Any sexual encounter should start with some sort of foreplay, even if you are just planning for a quickie. Foreplay turns on both partners and you can use this phase to make some of your sexual intentions known for the sex scene about to take place. So, what are the keys to good foreplay and what accessories can you use at this time? Here’s what you need to know.

1. Striptease

Foreplay is a great opportunity to get rid of all those clothes you don’t need, in short, all of them! You can make an entire erotic scene out of it or you can simply get your partner undressed to set the scene for your upcoming sexual encounter. To make it an even more successful foreplay, add some sparkles to this phase to turn your lover on for good.

2. Kissing

Kissing is considered the most intimate act between two people. So, make it romantic and exciting. Use it as a way to hint how much you want to get intimate with your partner. A passionate kiss is the most sincere declaration of love and it can really make the difference between a good foreplay and an average one.

3. Use your hands

Using your hands to undress your partner and explore their body is one of the most erotic acts of all time. If you make them a couple of compliments while you are running your hands all over them you have just set yourself up for a great sexual scene because it is going to turn them on extremely. Be sensual and erotic. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and you will see things will move along smoothly in the right direction.

4. Use some toys

Once you’ve completed the previous steps then you can drag some toys into it to spice things up to a more intense level. It will show your partner you really mean it. When it comes to toys everything is allowed. From the basic dildo and vibrator, to the more intense nipple clamps, anal plugs and electro stimulating devices. Use what turns you on the most and gets your partner most excited. You can also enjoy a spanking session or use a flogger on your submissive partner as part of the foreplay to get your slave lover into the mood for more intense stimulation and control, especially if you are planning a complex BDSM scene with them.

5. Dirty talk

Dirty talk or verbal humiliation can be a huge turn on for both partners. However, the levels of it would depend on what the two of you are comfortable with trying. If you are beginners when it comes to BDSM games, a session of dirty talk before things get hot and kinky might just be the right way to start. But if you are not so beginners into BDSM community, you can include some verbal humiliation which might include name calling of all kinds; mostly the ones both of you enjoy and would turn you on. Dirty talk mixed with some sexual stimulation makes for the perfect foreplay and the most intense sexual encounter scene.

Good foreplay is the key to an even better sexual encounter. You can combine different forms of foreplay according to how much time you have to put into it and what you want to get out of it. If you are aiming for an intense BDSM scene, don’t be stingy when it comes to foreplay. An excited slave will always make a BDSM scene more enjoyable and will add more passion plus sexual energy into it so all your efforts will pay off soon enough. The same rule goes for dominant partners who enjoy being turned on by their slaves and pleased in all the ways they desire.

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