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Guide to Impact Play in Foreplay or Sex Scenes

Impact play is an intense form of BDSM between a dominant and a submissive involving the use of specific sexual toys. BDSM enthusiasts appreciate impact play as one of the most exciting forms of sexual encounters. It is due to the high level of stimulation and satisfaction such a scene can provide both partners involved. But can impact play be more than foreplay and become the main sexual scene? If so, how can you tell the difference between the two aspects of the same sexual practice?

Before we explain things any further, you should know impact play involves the use of spanking paddles, whips and floggers as well as several forms of bondage and bondage gear to obtain the best outcome out of such an intense sexual practice. Spanking and whipping are activities performed by the dominant partner on the submissive. These actions are meant to generate sexual pleasure. The submissive feels controlled and disciplined while the dominant experiences a level of power and supremacy. Hence, it becomes a turn on for both at a many levels. It is the purpose of such sexual activities. Impact play involves such performances. These can be used as a form of foreplay, to spice things up before sexual intercourse or ahead of the more intense stimulation. Usually when it is a form of foreplay it prepares both partners for a session of edge play leading to stronger sensations and more intense sexual activities. The spanking and whipping gets the submissive used to the pain. Increasing the level of pain prepares the scene for a more extreme edge play session the dominant wants to reach with their partner.

But impact play can be a successful BDSM scene by itself. If you are a dominant and you want to reach an orgasm with your submissive while experiencing this, here is a little secret to change the course of events for both of you, that is, increase the intensity of the sexual activities! If you are into spanking, then hit a little bit harder. If you are into whipping, do it like you mean it!

To add even more pleasure to your sexual encounter, why not try some verbal humiliation? But remember to do it on a level both you and your submissive are comfortable with. Verbal humiliation is a form of BDSM. It can go well with several scenes to spice things up in any circumstance. It is even possible to do over the phone without any other type of sexual practice. Likewise, use during impact play as a way to reach an intense sexual orgasm.

You can try adding a butt plug into your sexual scene as well. Butt plugs are great when you want to stimulate your partner while spanking them using their favorite paddle to make them so excited it will be impossible to fight the urge to climax.

But before diving into a session of Impact play, you need to consider certain aspects. Always have a safety word in case things get too far out of hand and one of you gets uncomfortable with what is happening during your intense BDSM scene. Safety words are great tools to avoid these unpleasant situations and change the course of events for the benefit of everyone involved. Talk with your partner before starting an impact play scene and set the rules on what you expect from it. If you want to use impact play as a form of foreplay, then you do not need to increase its intensity. But if you want to use it as a way to reach an intense orgasm, then it is important to establish what other sexual activities to accommodate along with this kind of play and what are the limits of both partners involved.

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