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The Ultimate Guide to Foreplay

Hot Fetishes for Cold Nights
Just because the weather outside gets colder, it doesn’t mean your sex life should follow its example. There are plenty of fetishes to keep you wa...
4 Tips to Excite the Senses for Hotter Sex
Successful foreplay means considering everything. When you do, you will be rewarded with an amazing sexual encounter and an intense orgasm if you ...
Yummy Foods for Hot Foreplay Games
Food and sex are definitely two of the greatest sources of pleasure in life. It is a good idea to combine them every once in a while. More specifically, you can always combine them in foreplay to get the best out of both worlds.
Best Ways to Postpone an Orgasm
Orgasms are great and we all aim to achieve one when we get intimate with our significant other or even during a one-night stand affair. However, i...
Useful Tips to Get in the Mood for Sex
Your sex life is just as important as other aspects of your life and you should not neglect it if you want to have a happy and healthy relationshi...
Truth Or Dare In The Bedroom
There is a variety of games that you can engage in in the bedroom and you can use your imagination to discover new ones as you go along. But what...
3 Ways to Enjoy a Pinwheel in Sex Play
When it comes to sexually stimulating your partner, you have plenty of options to choose from and you can be as inventive as you feel comfortable ...
More Sexy Foreplay Tips for Couples
There are plenty of ways on how you can make foreplay extra fun. It is all about finding new and creative ways to keep things interesting and fresh. Of course, the particular foreplay you engage in will depend on what you enjoy, your interests and preferences.
Best Erotic Massage Tips for Sexual Pleasure
Who doesn’t love a relaxing massage? It is a great way to loosen up and it lets you feel wonderful sensations all over your body. The only way a massage can get better is if your partner is the one giving it to you.
Step Up Your Foreplay
Foreplay is a very important part of sex. I would even dare to say is even more important than sex itself because if someone is not properly aroused or in the mood, sex will never be enjoyable. That is why having a good foreplay is so important.
Yes please - Masturbating for your man
Every girl loves masturbating and touching herself, right? Don’t get me wrong; sex and sexual interactions with someone else are great of course, but if you ask me, there is something very special about pleasuring oneself that can’t be replicated. And that is fine!
Hot Foreplay Tips to Make Her Want More
Foreplay is not something to overlook because it is necessary in order for a woman to enjoy sex. Quite simply, if you want to give a woman sexual enjoyment and orgasm, you need to engage in sensuous foreplay.
Hot Foreplay Ideas for Couples
You know what they say, foreplay is the key to good sex. If you want to have some fun and sexy times with your partner, you definitely need to add some passion and sensuality to your foreplay.
Forgotten Erogenous Zones to Explore in Foreplay
When we think about foreplay, we tend to think about the major sex organs. While there is nothing wrong with stimulating the same body parts we know and love, sometimes it can be a good idea to switch things up and little bit.
What You Need to Know About the Art of Foreplay
Foreplay really makes the difference between a casual, regular sex as opposed to a good, awesome sex. So yes, you would definitely want to know more about it. There are several aspects to keep in mind when it comes to foreplay. If you want to find out more about them to have the best sexual experiences in your life, keep on reading.
Foreplay Tips to Drive a Woman Crazy
Foreplay is one of the most important parts of a sexual encounter. Actually, most women claim it is the most important part of sex. Without proper foreplay, chances are, sex will be less than enjoyable.
Sexy Foreplay that Drive Men Crazy
Who doesn’t love foreplay? I mean, if you love pleasure and fun things you probably love foreplay too. If you only have a limited repertoire during foreplay with your man, let’s resolve this right now with more hot ideas *wink*
5 Steps to Get the Most Out of Foreplay
So, what are the keys to good foreplay and what accessories can you use at this time? Here’s what you need to know.
3 Male Erogenous Zones to Focus On
So, if you were wondering what other ways you can do to stimulate your lover, here are some key areas of their body you should never ignore...unless you are aiming for a quickie but even then, there is room for some extra sexual stimulation!
3 Erogenous Zones to Touch during an Erotic Massage
First thing to keep in mind when you are giving your lover a hot amatory massage is, you need to help them relax. Stimulate them in a sexual way. Add the right amount of passion to such a scene and discover new erotic ways to please your lover.
Top Erogenous Areas to Pleasure Your Man
Erogenous zones are wide and can vary from person to person, I mean, we all have our particularly sensitive spots that make us grow wild…but other zones tend to be pretty exciting for most of us.
Top Erogenous Zones You Should Focus On
The erogenous zones in your body are of utmost importance. Why? Because these are the most sensitive areas when it comes to achieving better arousal levels.
Fun Ways to Discover Your Erogenous Zones
Erogenous zones are the parts in our body that makes us feel aroused when stimulated. They sometimes vary from person to person, but in general they are quite the same in everybody.
Ask Autumn: Talking About Desires in the Bedroom
At last! Someone I can ask this strange question! Feel free to post this on the site because I wouldn't mind knowing what others think too. Last year I was seeing a girl (I'm a 27-year-old male) and we weren't very compatible out of bed – we had affection and feelings but we weren't really in love, but we had this totally intense sex life.

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