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Hot Fetishes for Cold Nights

Just because the weather outside gets colder, it doesn’t mean your sex life should follow its example. There are plenty of fetishes to keep you warm this winter and if you are a BDSM enthusiast, you might already know about some of them. But even if you aren’t, brace yourself, because we are about to give you some ideas that will keep you busy for the next months of coldness and snow! Keep an open mind and be ready to explore higher levels of your sexuality along with your loved partner.

1. Pet and pony fetishes

You never heard of pet and pony BDSM games? Well, that has to change. This fetish is so entertaining and intense that you and your partner will simply fall in love with it. All you need is a good imagination, an open mind and some accessories. You can transform your submissive lover into an obedient kitten in no time. Or bunny! Or doggie! Well, you got the idea. When it comes to sex toys and accessories, these are animal decorated. Furry tail plugs seem to be the most popular but you can choose a bunny butt instead! And what is even better is that you can find spanking paddles that go along with it, shaped as kittens or other animals of your choice! If you are into this kind of fetish but your lover might not be on the same page with you, wait until you give them the first tail plug and they feel how soft and cute it is. They will be so in love with it that they will not find a reason to say no.

2. Edge play

Winter is a great time to experiment more extreme sexual games. Just to see your limits and your partner’s limits or maybe to discover that you don’t have so many after all. And when it comes to edge play, the BDSM community has a lot to offer. You can try suspension bondage, rougher spanking or whipping sessions and extreme sexual stimulation using devices such as electro-stimulating devices or orgasm belt. Use your imagination to increase the level of pain and pleasure during your edge play sexual encounters! The only rule that you need to consider is the “safe, sane and consensual” rule that guides all BDSM scenes. But even then, after a certain time, you will know exactly what is allowed and what is not with your partner.

3. Crossdressing

Crossdressing is a sexual fetish that becomes more and more popular the past years, especially among men of all ages. They get the chance to experiment being a woman and even have an intense sexual satisfaction out of it. Some even keep that identity for certain occasions because they find it so exciting! Crossdressing apparel is very common on the market and you can choose from a variety of outfits and accessories. Your dominatrix will love your new look and will find new sexual ways to control you! You can even be a successful sissy if you find that these kind of crossdressing turns you on. But before you make a decision, you will have to try on several costumes and see which one suits your personality and sexual fantasies better.

Winter seems already too short to try all these, doesn’t it? And the exciting part is that you can develop your own fetishes along the way, ones that will be more specific to your sexual needs and your intimate relationship. There are no limits when it comes to BDSM games and bondage styles, so using your imagination and creative skills is essential to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle! Your lover will simply be charmed by all the new sexual games that you are into and they will look forward to discover new levels of pleasure with you, especially when the weather is too cold to face it!

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