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3 Erogenous Zones to Touch during an Erotic Massage

Erotic massages are great addition to the intimate moments you and your lover share. You can incorporate a hot massage into your sexual encounters or even during foreplay. But, a great erotic massage can also be a sextual act by itself. If it is done correctly, it can easily lead to an intense orgasm and becomes an amazing experience. Erotic massages are also full of romance and excitement and they increase the emotional connection and intimacy level between partners. Couples who enjoy a hot massage every now and then develop a stronger bond with each other. It increases their chances to have a happy and healthy long-term relationship.

First thing to keep in mind when you are giving your lover a hot amatory massage is, you need to help them relax. Stimulate them in a sexual way. Add the right amount of passion to such a scene and discover new erotic ways to please your lover. Here are some areas that you should consider focusing on when you want to turn your lover madly in love by giving them an erotic massage!

1. Neck and thighs

Some areas of your lover’s body are more sensitive and you should always consider those areas when you start an erotic massage. However, we are not talking about strong erogenous zones…yet! These are just areas that will prepare them for what is to come. The neck and the inner part of their thighs might be something worth exploring with your hands. Some people will get exciting chills when they have their back massaged, especially the spine area. Others will prefer to feel your hands more on their neck than on their thighs. But before you figure that, try them all and see what he enjoys most! You can use lube or lotion with a nice scent (preferably vanilla or lavender) to stimulate them even more and create a romantic atmosphere.

2. Intimate parts

While the intimate areas play a great role for having a successful erotic massage, they are not the starting point of it. Get into the intimate zone after you stimulated other sensitive zones, that way your lover is prepared for the next level of stimulation. You can have your lover wear a pair of nipple clamps or a butt plug to intensify the atmosphere even more while you are gently touching their genitals.

Men tend to stay more thrilled if they are trying an anal plug or a prostate stimulator while you are massaging their intimate areas! You can also abruptly turn your massage into an erotic hand job.

Women likewise, love other forms of sexual stimulation during an erotic massage. There is no need to limit yourself at just using your hands. Use your imagination and creative skills to add just the right accessories to such a scene in order to stimulate and relax your lover at the same time. Remember that you have to maintain the erotic and sensual approach of the bodywork.

3. Hands and feet

Many people focus on the common sensitive and erogenous areas of their lover’s body, but they tend to forget the hands and feet. Extremities can have a big stimulating power in them especially if they are stimulated correctly. If you have somewhat of a foot fetish, you should enjoy playing with their feet even more. The feet and hands have many sensitive areas due to nerves terminals that can be found in the fingers and toes. Exploring these areas will not only relax your lover, it will also prepare them for a more intense stimulation along the way!

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