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Best Ways to Postpone an Orgasm

Orgasms are great and we all aim to achieve one when we get intimate with our significant other or even during a one-night stand affair. However, in order to have an intense sexual pleasure and satisfaction we don’t like them to happen in the first five minutes, now, do we? Unless we are having a quickie but that is not the norm of a healthy sexual life. Sometimes, the excitement of a sexual stimulation is so intense that it might be hard to fight the urge to reach a climax sooner than we would desire to. So, let’s see what we can do to prolong the sexual pleasure and postpone the orgasm for a little more time so we can enjoy the entire sexual encounter better!

1. Practice through masturbation

Masturbation is not only a pleasant sexual practice but also a very healthy one for many reasons. It is also a so-called treatment against premature orgasms and it can be very efficient in that matter. Not to mention the other benefits that masturbation brings to your sexual life since it puts you in contact with your own sexuality. So, make sure you get your dildo, vibrator, nipple clamps or even butt plug, whatever is your favourite sex toy, watch a hot erotic video and enjoy yourself when you get the chance. You can create an entire sex scene during your masturbation session and make it as complex as you want since you are the only one involved in it and that gives you all the freedom. Chances are, you will not only be able to enjoy future sexual intercourse with your partner longer but you will also be able to know how to satisfy both of you during your intense intimate moments.

2. Have a healthy diet and exercise

When you have some sexual concern, your sexual behaviour is not the only aspect that might cause it. A healthy diet and exercise can very much contribute to your sexual performance and behaviour in general. If you don’t have a healthy diet, your body will not be able to react the way you expect it too and that might be disappointing for both you and your partner. However, if you have a healthy lifestyle which involves a variety of food and you exercise regularly, chances are this responsible behaviour will also show during your sexual encounters! So make sure you take care of yourself and cherish your body if you expect to have the sexual benefits that you want from your experiences!

3. Don’t have sex under stress

Stress is a common disease of modern days and many of us don’t know how to manage this condition. Some of us just get used to it and learn to live with it without fixing it at all. Others try to manage stressful moments by having a quick orgasm. And that is the problem that can become regular on your sexual life. Don’t use sex only as a relief behaviour that will help you deal with stress easier! It is not only something that will increase the adrenaline in your body which goes very wrong with stress, but it is also an action that will damage your sexual performance for the long run. Make sure to calm down, use other relaxation methods to release the stress that you accumulated during a day and when you feel out of the stressful behaviour engage in a hot sexual encounter with your partner.

By following these tips and tricks you will not only delay your orgasms when they are coming to soon for you but you will also improve your sexual life all together and your partner will be more than happy to join you on this journey. Is important to talk about your problems and not try to hide them. You might find a lot of understanding from your lover if you open a discussion on this issue and see what are their thoughts and suggestion.

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