Fun Ways to Discover Your Erogenous Zones

Erogenous zones are the parts in our body that makes us feel aroused when stimulated. They sometimes vary from person to person, but in general they are quite the same in everybody. Some of the most common areas are the penis, testicles, nipples, perineum, inside thighs and anus, for men. In women, the vagina, clitoris, nipples, buttocks and anal area tend to be highly erogenous areas as well.

Some erogenous zones in our bodies have always been there, in the sense they kind of occur organically. Other areas start to activate around our childhood years. This all has to do with physical touch and sensory perception; even though at first it doesn’t really have to do with anything sexual.

That is why skin-to-skin contact is important, especially in the formative years. It’s important for humans to develop positive connections with skin-to-skin contact so they can have a healthy relationship with sexuality as adults. For example, if someone doesn’t really have good memories of contact to their skin, chances are their erogenous zones will not be very developed. That is why expressing tenderness at all development stages is so significant; hugs, kisses, caresses, etc.

When I refer to sensitivity, it means it could sometimes trigger some interesting responses. If you are relaxed, turned on and your partner stimulates an erogenous zone, it will obviously feel very nice. More than nice, I should say. It will be extremely pleasurable. But if you’re stressed or nervous, instead of arousing you, sometimes you could explode in a bout of giggles. So it depends on your state of mind.

In order to experiment, always start soft, gentle and slow. You can always increase the pressure and intensity later for more effect, but you can’t do so the other way around. If you’ve just had an orgasm, those areas can experiment hyper sensibility and it can be painful or uncomfortable to touch them or stimulate them.

As people are not made out in a massive production factory, some differences can be expected, of course. Some people may have increased sensitivity in some areas, while for others those areas will do nothing for them. It’s all in play and experimenting to see what are your areas…and your partner, of course wink*.

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