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Top Erogenous Zones You Should Focus On

The erogenous zones in your body are of utmost importance. Why? Because these are the most sensitive areas when it comes to achieving better arousal levels. An erogenous zone is basically any part of your body that, when stimulated, makes you hot or aroused. Usually they are more or less quite the same on every person, but keep in mind they may vary.

When it comes to exploring and stimulating these areas, always go slow when embarking on this adventure. Erogenous areas are very sensitive ones; so don’t go full on potential on them. Start slow and build up from there - It will be for the best.

So, what are those sensitive areas you should be focusing on?

  • The primary zones are the ones most directly related with orgasms. This means the penis and testicles for men; a penis is stimulated though penetration or through rubbing or masturbation. For women, the primary zones are the vagina and the clitoris. A woman’s clitoris is stimulated when someone touches or kisses it. On the other hand, a vagina usually peaks erotically when the G-spot is stimulated (it’s not a myth!); this can happen with some penetration or through muscular convulsions.
    • Secondary zones are the ones that make other body parts aroused when the primary zones are stimulated. This means they are not always necessary in order to achieve an orgasm, however they will still be very sensitive areas. In men, the anus, the inside of the thighs, and the nipples tend to be common secondary zones.

      The labia (both minora and majora), the pubic area, perineum, bottom, anus, and nipples tend to be sweet spots for women.
    • The potential zones, as the name suggests, are the areas with potential to trigger arousal in primary areas. As for what are they, well, they need to be discovered (so much fun!) They vary and depend on each individual, so it’s up to you finding out what are your potential zones…or your partner’s wink*

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