Great Ways to Train Your Man to Obey

I believe that even the most submissive of woman has from time to time had the sexual fantasy of dominating her lover with bondage. The delicious and intoxicating feeling of being fully in control of your lover is truly seductive and highly erotic. For some woman and their lucky male slaves, this is truly a wonderful way of sexual and soul expression.

By this, I am referring to the BDSM lifestyle, role playing, bondage and all the fun that it includes. If you are a dominating female then you need to know that your sexually submissive man is going to fully obey your commands. This is the core requirement of any Dominatrix. As a Mistress or Dominatrix you have the ability to train your lover to obey you in the style that you prefer and you both find most erotic. You just need to know how to properly do that.

For starters you have to make sure that you have a truly submissive male that has desires to please you. He must be willing to sexually submit to you and follow your direction. For Mistresses, if you should find yourself with a lover who is merely wanting a once or twice experience, it is fine. But understand that it would be difficult to completely sexually train someone in such a short time. If it's fulfilling a fantasy of complete male domination and total female dominance, you will want to focus on enjoying the moment. A truly submissive man will sexually desire to be lovingly bondage trained so that you are pleased with him at all times.

Once you've established that your man is the one you want to dominate and sexually train, then it is time to make sure you have the supplies you will need. Keep in mind that training involves a thorough process that includes discipline, bondage and other facets working together to ensure he behaves properly.

Some good ideas on supplies would be things you can use for bondage purposes. Think about what parts of him you would like to see bound. Do you want him gagged as well? How about blindfolded? Make sure that you gather together all of these things so that they are easily available as you need them. And always have your safe word clearly defined.

There are of course, many other things that can be used as well when dominating your man. Nipple clamps are for men as well and actually serve a good purpose. Nipples are tender and become especially sensitive during sexual arousal. For women this can be erotic. For men it can be either that or painful. Using this to your advantage is a great way to train. There are also many others great things that can used for both pain and pleasure over various parts of the body. Keep in mind that in bondage and discipline, pain and pleasure will combine for both training and enjoyment of the situation.

Once your erotic goodies are gathered and your lover is ready and willing to be fully dominated and sexually trained by you, then you simply need to enact your plan. All erotic bondage training plans should include a few things. First there should be erotic discipline. This can be achieved by any methods that you choose, but it must be incorporated for the training to be successful. Depending upon your play level and your partner's desire, erotic discipline can be threatened and then proven. Over time, your male slave will learn that there are consequences and will choose to obey instead. Or if he really enjoys his erotic punishments, you might find yourself with quite a naughty slave.

As a Dominatrix or a Mistress it is your duty to choose things your male sex slave wants and offer them as a token for when behavior expectations are met. You will find this combination is a great way to guarantee obedience and tremendous loving devotion from your slave.

Whether your male slave is experienced or new to bondage, it's important that he always feel safe and that you feel in control of the environment. Always talk about your bondage scene ahead of time and make sure you are staying within the comfort zones of your lover. Great bondage sex no matter what the role of the players is always safe, sane and consensual. Keep it safe and make playtime erotic and deliciously fun.

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