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How to Pamper Your Submissive Male

If you have a submissive male, ready to please you whenever you want, consider yourself lucky. There is nothing sexier and more intense than a male wanting to offer pleasure to their mistress or dominant and finding their own sexual satisfaction in such sex scenes. In the BDSM community there are plenty of sex toys and accessories that go along with disciplining and controlling your male slave. You can use butt plugs, prostate stimulators, penis pumps and all types of bondage tools to obtain the sexual satisfaction that you are looking for. But even if you love to punish, discipline and control your submissive male, you still have to please them and pamper them every now and then. Even if submissive lovers tend to achieve sexual pleasure and satisfaction by being obedient to their dominant or mistress, it is even better when they get to be the centre of attention during a sexual encounter. If you don’t want to do that very often, save it for the anniversaries or other special occasions that will give you the perfect reason to pamper your male slave. And if you are not sure how you can do that, here are some great ideas that will not only spoil your partner but also give you the sexual pleasure that you would love to reach. So, grab your sex toys and make your slave as happy as you can!

1. Oral sex is always a winner

Who doesn’t like an intense session of oral sex? This is the dream of submissives of all genders and sexual orientation. The best way is to surprise your lover with such a sex scene and give them the oral sex of their dreams. You can make this as part of the foreplay before you engage in an intense session of intercourse or you can simply give them an oral sex until they reach an intense orgasm. Since that is something that most likely will not be the norm, make it as special as possible and have them wear a butt plug if you want to add to the satisfaction that they will experience. Use your imagination and creative skills to make such an experience as pleasing as possible and if you feel like it, you can even put some sexy music on the background, along with some scented candles. More often than not, the atmosphere you set up will do miracles so don’t neglect such details because they can contribute greatly to your sexual satisfaction. And your submissive lover will simply be thrilled!

2. Have intercourse just the way they want to

And speaking of intercourse, you should definitely have a great one whenever you want to pamper your submissive male. Try to please them just the way they want and stimulate their erogenous zones in order to help them reach an intense orgasm. It is important to determine what they like in terms of intercourse to make sure that you offer them just that. Remember that this is an intercourse meant to please and pamper your submissive guy so try not to focus on your own desires this time. Even if you will enjoy a great orgasm as well, this is not why you are engaging in such a sex scene. As long as your attention in centred on your slave male, you simply can’t go wrong so give them your best and they will not only appreciate it but they will obey you with a lot more enthusiasm in your future sex scenes.

3. Invite a guest in your bedroom

Have you ever considered to have a threesome? Or did your slave want one for a long time now? You might actually want to consider such an option because threesomes can be extremely intense and satisfactory for both partners involved, so not just for your slave. It matters of course to find the right person to join you and your submissive male in the bedroom but if you set this up wisely you can benefit a lot from it. Talk to your lover and see what type of threesome would they like to experience. Once you have all the information, you can organize an amazing surprise for them and spoil them with some intense sensations that they will not forget any time soon.

As you can see, pampering your submissive male also means pampering yourself. You should be able to get the same amount of satisfaction out of these sex scenes and you should also discover new sex scenes and fetishes that you can incorporate into your intimate life. By doing so, your relationship will be a lot more satisfactory for both of you and you will get to experience unique sensations every time you want to break out the sexual routine.

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