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The Best Valentine’s Feminizing Gift Ideas For Your Submissive Boy Toy

50 Shades Of Grey – both as a movie and a book – has hit a huge success in the past few years. Was it only because of the plot of the story and the actors involved? Or also because viewers and readers want to experience it firsthand (or are already experiencing it) in real life? I mean, who wouldn’t want to get a lot of spanking and great sex!

And if you’re one of those who enjoys a hot bedroom scene especially this coming Valentine’s Day, why not start living out your fantasy? It’s okay if you haven’t done this before – we all started with nothing but a sweet desire! It only takes a little practice and a handful of imagination – and of course, a bit of research. Safety is a must before anything else. Sure, you want to whip your lady’s ass real hard but you don’t want her to feel uncomfortable.

But then again, we’re generous and sweet by nature and we’d like to make things a little bit easier for you. Below are kinky gift ideas you can give as Valentine’s Gift to your submissive boy-to-be:

1. Feminizing Collar

Better than any other necklace, a feminizing collar will remind him that you own him and that he’s all yours! There are many colors to choose from but if you want something that will make him standout get a pink! Forced feminization, after all, makes it sexier!

2. Butt Plug

ASS crazy as it sounds, most men are aroused when you put a finger on their crack. And no, it doesn’t require any gender. EVEN STRAIGHT MEN enjoy having their butt plugged with a butt plug! BUTT, so much for that. The thing is if you want your boy toy to have best Valentine’s yet, surprise him with something he won’t expect (but wished to have). And don’t forget to include an anal lube in your cart since the anus won’t be able to produce its natural lubricant.

3. Trainer Gag

Ever dreamt of a man drooling over you? This Valentine’s Day, it will all come true! If you’re planning to level up the fun in your bedroom, give your submissive boy the gift that will shut his mouth up. And since it’s your first time, it’s good to rely on the trusty trainer gag. This will silence his moans and all while ensuring that he can still breathe properly. And don’t forget to get one in pink for a more feminizing vibe.

4. Bondage Straps

If you want him to stop doing anything and put his eyes all on you (literally), a bondage strap is a huge help. The strap holes in it will allow you to knock him down in various positions and ways and you can tie it on a bed frame, a post, or anywhere else you can think of. Really, the only limit is your imagination! Get your hardware tools ready for some extra fun and attach it on the D-rings. You’ll never know how SEXciting sex really is unless you’ve tried this. And oh, don’t forget to put a blindfold before you start doing your acts, you crazy little lover.

5. Male Chastity

He’s a bad boy, is he? Then don’t think twice! Make him suffer in the best possible way. This male chastity will make him hard to GET HARD unless you won’t tease him with your sexy antics. Oh, you will? Well then, welcome to the club, sister!

6. Paddle

Does your man have a great ass? Well, it ain’t enough to tell him that. HE GOTTA FEEL IT! Doesn’t matter if he thinks you’re a freak (we all know that anyway), spank him with a feminizing slapper and show him who the boss really is! Don’t worry, you can still show your soft, sweet side afterward. Wink wink!

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