Is a Female Led Relationship for You?

A female led relationship is effectively just what it sounds like. And yet it is so much more.

The basic dynamic of a female led relationship is one in which both partners agree that the female will be the head of the relationship. The leader if you will. But there is far more to it than decided hey, she's going to wear the pants of the family.

There are often jokes made about men being on a leash or having a ball and chain. These jokes refer to those males whose friends see them as bowing to their partners wishes over spending time with buddies. This is not what a female led relationship is.

In a true relationship of this nature the woman is the dominant, both inside and outside of the bedroom. She makes the decisions-- rules so to speak-- and the male follows them. She will determine how their home and sex life play out.

Dominant women and submissive men tend to live in true female led relationships. For some it is just an extra that they enjoy privately. But there are a few things that one should be aware of as they explore the possibility of a female led relationship.

  • Both partners must agree to this. It isn't about control in the way that a woman demands what she wants and a man obliges simply to keep the peace. This is a full agreement between partners to live according the choices that are being made. For most-- this will incorporate virtually every aspect of their private lives. Others may work out a different arrangement. But the key to success in any relationship of this nature is that both partners do it willingly and because it is what they want to do.
  • Submissive males are not weaker than others. Many of them are dominant in the workforce, dominant in the outside world-- and they still choose to submit to their female partner. It is a choice. They like to shower their partner with attention and reap the rewards of doing so. They are simply relinquishing control of their private life for personal and sexual satisfaction. On the same token, dominant females are not stronger, meaner or harder to handle than other women. It is just a preference in the way a personal life is run.
  • Female led relationships, much like male led relationships, are not intended to be harmful and abusive. The dominant partner should be loving and caring towards her submissive counterpart. Her rules and decisions are made in the best interest of both partners to bring about their mutual satisfaction. A true female led relationship is a happy one for both people that enjoy it.
  • The sexual aspect of a female led relationship often incorporates various parts of BDSM role play. These can include things such as bondage sex, gagging, chastity training and more. The BDSM role play can be as detailed or as simple as the couple would like.

Not everyone is going to want a female led relationship. Some submissive women would be uncomfortable without a dominant male taking the lead in their relationship. Some dominant males would feel the same.

However, this lifestyle works for many successfully. If you are interested in pursuing a female led relationship, the first step is to sit and discuss it with your partner. You might be surprised to find that he or she is just as excited by the idea as you are.

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