Benefits of Female Domination for a Woman

Regardless of which gender you are, chances are you've thought the other had it easier. That's because we adapt to our gender roles and the complications that they bring and life without those same complications seems like it would be much simpler.

That isn't always the case. But that's not the topic for today. Instead we are going to talk about females, their gender roles and why domination could actually be freeing for them.

Domination doesn't exactly sound like the relaxing and easygoing type of role, does it? Well that really depends on how you take it and how badly you want it. Now, why would a woman find it such a free experience for her?

Let's start with the obvious. Women are expected from early in life to submit. They hand over the reins to the men in their life. They are the soft and delicate species and should be treated as such. Right? Not always. For many women, living in this stereotype all day can be draining. Then she goes home and still has to lose control and submit to a man and she's never really allowed to explore anything else.

Domination gives her the chance to take charge. She can be the one that chooses how sex will go. She can be the one that makes the rules of the house. She can be the one that handles the money and bills. This gives her a lot of freedom. What kind of freedom?

Freedom from stress-- the woman that dominates and is in charge has less stress in her life. She isn't worried about money because she often handles it. She knows what bills are due, she knows what the bank account looks like. She knows virtually everything so she doesn't have to worry about it all.

Freedom from doing everything-- A dominating female has rules and often those rules include the man helping with housework and children. While some men do this without being submissive, it is a guarantee with those that are. He will do it so she is pleased and that will leave her being able to relax and rest some because she doesn't have to do everything by herself.

Freedom from feeling unappreciated-- A submissive male will do anything in his power to make his woman happy. He will dote on her, buy her gifts, do chores for her and shower her with love and affection. He doesn't do this only because he has to. He wants to. Caring for his woman makes her happy and her happiness makes him happy. He is rewarded with the things he likes as well. So it keeps the relationship strong.

Freedom from worrying about cheating-- it sounds silly, but often relationships get dull. Sometimes a partner will step out. Not only is a BDSM relationship rarely dull, but a submissive man is abiding by the rules set out by his mistress. He will not partake of sexual activity with anyone else and very often is trained through chastity to be obedient and focused only on his wife.

Freedom from unwanted sex-- not only does the dominating women get to choose the when and where of sex, she gets to select how it goes. She is getting what she wants in the bedroom. This prevents those many nights when she doesn't feel like being intimate and does it anyway just to please him. Now if she doesn't want to be intimate she can get massages, cuddles or anything else she'd like to have from her man.

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